Power of Partnership (charity or voluntary organisation) – Bristol

Power of Partnership (charity or voluntary organisation) – Bristol
Event on 2015-04-21 08:45:00

If you are a charity or voluntary organisation in the Bristol area who would like to build partnerships with local businesses, join us at this one day event.

We will bring you together with business leaders who are working with local communities to transform the lives of millions as well as others who want to get involved and create partnerships with organisations like yours.

The event will cover all you need to know about creating partnerships that will provide new opportunities for you and local businesses and which will benefit those communities most in need.

You will be provided with an insight into how working alongside businesses can help you acheive your objectives while responsible business leaders such as Gilly Woo will share case studies about their partnership success stories.

You’ll also have the chance to attend two skills-based workshops to help develop your charity or group. Experts will share ideas on how to improve your PR & Communications while Fund Surfer will talk about how to create successful fund surfer campaigns and how to find new sources of funding.

Finally, there’s the chance to receive free, professional advice about your organisation’s individual challenge, in one-to-one sessions covering a range of topics including marketing and public relations, accountancy, law, human resources and business planning.

589 Southmead Road
Filton, United Kingdom

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