Power Ranking with Ramona Bruland

X Games host Ramona Bruland power ranks X Games moments with Sportsnation.
Video Rating: 4 / 5

15 thoughts on “Power Ranking with Ramona Bruland

  1. shit shit and once again this video is shit !!!! She has no business in the is part of the world of sports!!! not to mention how questionable this top 5 is.

  2. That’s different though. Bobby and Haldor got perfect scores on individual tricks. It’s way more difficult to do 5 or 6 perfect tricks in a row… don’t think Shaun deserved the 100 though.

  3. Boobs over talent Vaginas over knowledge Bitches over passion FUCK THIS SHIT!!! Next time please choose somebody that knows a bit about this wide world of action sports and not a dumb bitch that can’t see the difference between a kickflip and a heelflip

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