Power Ranking with Ramona Bruland

X Games host Ramona Bruland power ranks X Games moments with Sportsnation.
Video Rating: 4 / 5

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15 Responses to Power Ranking with Ramona Bruland

  1. PashaRuswe says:

    shit shit and once again this video is shit !!!! She has no business in the is part of the world of sports!!! not to mention how questionable this top 5 is.

  2. peter1234930 says:

    that was awful.

  3. Adam Desaules says:

    HE TOUCHED THE WALL ON THE LAST 12 WTF. I’m still mad about that

  4. SteezEastCoastStyle says:

    ummm am i missing something or is Torstein landing the first triple cork not on here… c’mon sportsnation do your homework

  5. SnoFreaxx says:


  6. OhMyBrainIsInTheBox says:

    That’s different though. Bobby and Haldor got perfect scores on individual tricks. It’s way more difficult to do 5 or 6 perfect tricks in a row… don’t think Shaun deserved the 100 though.

  7. ownsatlax456 says:


  8. Shane Walton says:

    Miss leading thumbnail

  9. David Blinn says:

    Meant 3 and 4. OOPS

  10. Diego Ruiz says:

    Boobs over talent Vaginas over knowledge Bitches over passion FUCK THIS SHIT!!! Next time please choose somebody that knows a bit about this wide world of action sports and not a dumb bitch that can’t see the difference between a kickflip and a heelflip

  11. TheNich8888 says:

    whoops I forgot about him. bobby b still did it first haha

  12. TheNich8888 says:

    ah whoops I forgot about him. But bobby b did it first haha

  13. Mrsk8park says:

    and haldor in the same event

  14. Ethan White says:

    I’m fucking dying. lmao

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