PPC Advertising Genius makes $000s Per Week

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Video Rating: 4 / 5

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17 Responses to PPC Advertising Genius makes $000s Per Week

  1. Caleidra says:

    I think I know what is going on here because I saw something similar yesterday. I don’t know how they get cheap ppc clicks but if they can then I want some.

  2. raavi92 says:

    I’m sure I know who makemoneyatdotcom is because there are not many people that would have the balls to use a puppet to give out a strong message like this. I like it though

  3. nonomalita94 says:

    If anything grabs the attention it is something different and this sure is different. Only problem is I cant think back to what he was saying.

  4. justseedy says:

     Is this guy serious?

  5. bourdi62 says:

    Never seen anything done like this before it is very different, I’ll give him that. Fancy using a puppet

  6. MJBSChannel says:

    Where does this little feller come from? This video is good as far as it goes because all I want to do now is wring it’s neck and the visit the website because THE MESSAGE IS EXCITING.

  7. 1234F1ame1234 says:

    This guy or gal is very brave using a puppet like this but it makes a change from listening to a load of BS.

  8. sophieneal80 says:

    I don’t know if makemoneyatdotcom has all his sences the message is a good one but with that accent? Does anybody talk like that in real life?

  9. Joschi spam says:

    Well! I have seen some sales pitches in my lifetime but never one so entertaining but I have forgotten what the message was; something about ppc so I’ll just have to go back and have another look.

  10. DigitalWorldReview says:

    I have no idea why anybody in their right mind would use a puppet to present a serious topic like cheap ppc. I didn’t dislike it but it is strange.

  11. ChillWithNick says:

    YeeeHaaa, what a good video. It makes a change to be entertained as well as sold to.

  12. LilSwiftYAK says:

    Cant think what made makemoneyatdotcom use this strange video to promote a product but it is actually quite a good idea and the story is a good one too.

  13. JTheCompViewer02020 says:

    I visited the website and this video is on there too. I give him one thing this video is compelling!!

  14. MYTUBEPROS says:

    I visited the website and this video is on there too. I give him one thing this video is compelling!!

  15. BlackOpsCall says:

    Can PPC really be that cheap; I am certainly going to find out how he does it because I spend a fortune on PPC.

  16. workintheus says:

    I don’t leave reviews often but this video is a bit of fresh air after all the slide shows we get given.

  17. RaisingFirePs3 says:

    Who is he trying to kid, this is not a real person but if what he says is true I am going to get me a piece

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