PPC Domination: Why You Should “NOT” Use Your Keywords In PPC Ads

PPC Domination: Why You Should

www.jimyaghi.com Jim Yaghi, author of PPC Domination explains his PPC case study: There’s a LOT of people teaching that in order to get a high quality score, high Click-Thru-Rate (CTR), and high conversion you MUST use the keyword you bid on in your ad’s headline and body. Is that true? Well, I put it to the test because I never believed it for a minute. And sure enough I now have proof that using the keyword in your ad DOESN’T necessary work in your favour at all. i39.tinypic.com i43.tinypic.com Notice there’s a higher CTR in both occasions where I don’t use the keyword “acn” which I bid on. I also get a higher conversion rate and more leads at a lower cost. And there you have it boys and girls–finally the proof that you don’t need to use the keyword in your ad at all to keep Google and your user happy! Does that mean you shouldn’t use the keyword in your ad ever? Of course not. But you should definitely test to see if you can get a better result WITHOUT it. The reason that there is a profound difference when i split-test the ads is that i am using an insider term that SCREAMS relevance to the searcher without it being obvious to Google. That’s what happens when I don’t use “ACN” in my ad copy. And Google will reward you equally well with discounted click costs and high quality score because they believe the searcher’s assessment of usefulness over what the advertiser tries to tell Google. The bottom line is, you pay LESS to reach MORE people. More Network Marketing and
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