[PPC WB Finals] Ledion.Dreamz vs Mineski.PowerColor

[PPC WB Finals] Ledion.Dreamz vs Mineski.PowerColor

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14 Responses to [PPC WB Finals] Ledion.Dreamz vs Mineski.PowerColor

  1. Russel Stamaria says:

    Anim na boots nga binibli mo e HAHA

  2. Russel Stamaria says:

    Weak ka naman po eh XD

  3. Dhana Mirandilla says:

    idol grbe gndang lban 😀

  4. xSir KarL says:

    Wala si Julz?

  5. aandrei pasia says:

    maka bobo kayu sa alleria ah kala nyu ang galing nyo magaling yan kaya nga nasa mineski eh 1v2 sigeh 1v1 tayu mga putah kayu ah 

  6. Joshua Remandaban says:

    Hinarangan nung Rylai yung Slardar. o.O Di tuloy nakatakbo, patay din silang dalawa.

  7. Joshua Remandaban says:

    Binaog yung Alleria dun sa baba. xD

  8. xTianxtianx2 says:

    nc nc nc xD

  9. Cjezdejesus says:


  10. Cjezdejesus says:

    IMBA ALLERIA haha!

  11. Francis Panajon says:

    alleria @10:30 . IDOL 😀

  12. labqccutiepie says:

    mineski pa ba dito c julz?

  13. Rage Weaver says:

    Heart Pumping ending!

  14. alfred empay says:

    the push thing makes a little tricky…. nice game… i think LD must gets rid off the carelessness

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