PR Experts On How To Prove You're Not A Racist

PR Experts On How To Prove You're Not A Racist
Deen came under fire after admitting during a court deposition to using the N-word. How can a public figure recover from a race-related, public relations disaster? I sought out expert advice in Washington, D.C., where the cycle of scandal and …
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Rancho increases spending on public relations
RANCHO SANTA MARGARITA – The city will spend up to $ 40,600 on public relations consulting services, such as preparing a mayoral speech, in the new fiscal year, starting Monday. The new agreement with Mission Viejo-based Keena-Thomas …
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4 Questions To Ask During The Upcoming ObamaCare Public Relations Blitz
The American public remains deeply skeptical of the new law. Many Americans say they will not sign up for insurance in the new “exchanges” scheduled to open October 1, 2013. As a result, the Obama administration is preparing a high-profile public …
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