PR For Startups // Niche Media Mastery

PR For Startups // Niche Media Mastery
Event on 2014-03-29 09:00:00

Learn the secrets of niche media mastery to grow your business

"If I only had two dollars left, I would spend one on PR." Bill Gates, Founder of Microsoft

The public relations process is daunting for many startup founders, solopreneurs, and the people whose job it is to tell a company’s story. Communicating your story effectively in a crowded field of competitors is vital to success.

With thousands of business publications and too many journalists to count, which ones are right for your brand? And more importantly, which media outlets will deliver targeted traffic and new customers?

In short, every startup needs to own a niche.

Why You Need To Be  A Niche Media Master

Worse than no media attention is investing your efforts into media that doesn’t achieve your business objectives– more customers, mor revenue and broader awareness with your ideal audience. You don’t need hundreds of media hits to achieve your goals. You need the right media for your brand.

About The Course

Niche Media Mastery is an all-day intensive public relations and digital marketing course designed to help you identify the key channels and to thrive in an evolving media landscape.

Niche Media Mastery is designed to equip PR novices, and seasoned marketing professionals to think and act like publishers. This fully-interactive course equips participants with the strategies and tactics t successfull navigate a confusing media landscape, create lasting relationships with key influencers, and drive the conversation on behalf of their brand.

Who Should Attend

This workshop is designed to empower

  • Startup CEOs
  • Startup Marketers
  • Social Media Marketers
  • Social Media Community Managers
  • Independent Marketing Professionals
  • Events Marketers

Those with a PR background or no experience at all are encouraged to attend.

Key Takeaways

 At the end of the the day students will walk away knowing

  • How to build an audience for your brand in five minutes–or less
  • How to create an editorial calendar for the content and media relations
  • Actionable public relations tactics that work to tell powerful stories to customers and prospects, and engage journalists an other key influencers.


About Chikodi Chima

Niche Media Mastery is led by Chikodi Chima a former staff reporter for VentureBeat,and the founder of Moonshot, a San Francisco-based public relations and marketing firm that serves startups and technology companies. Chima publishes PR Tips For Startups, a blog and podcast series featuring “Innovative marketing strategies from today’s small business leaders.” 

Prior to VentureBeat Chikodi was the co-founding editor of AltTransport, a daily niche blog covering sustainable transportation. Chikodi was responsible for growing the AltTransport audience to more than 80,000 unique visitors within four months.

 In the Niche Media Mastery Course Chikodi will share the techniques he used to successfully grow the AltTransport audience, as well as his experience reporting for several of the world’s leading technology publications.


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