Practical Scanning Electron Microscopy

Practical Scanning Electron Microscopy
Event on 2013-11-18 09:30:00

Modern scanning electron microscopes enable sample imaging at magnifications from x10 to approaching x1,000,000. Imaging coupled with analytical capability for chemical and crystallinity evaluation makes SEM a powerful tool in applications from engineering failure analysis to microbiology.

The three-day course, “Practical Scanning Electron Microscopy” combines seminars, demonstrations and hands-on instrumental sessions to provide a sound theoretical and practical knowledge of this exciting technique. The programme introduces imaging modes, high resolution SEM, and energy dispersive X-ray analysis, which provides compositional information. Attendees will investigate the theory and practice of both standard SEM, and the Centre’s advanced field emission scanning electron microscope (FEG-SEM), which combines ultra-high resolution with variable pressure mode allowing optimum imaging of a range of sample types.

Examination of a number of samples will be demonstrated during the three days, which may include selected material from delegates. With its highly practical approach, running from sample preparation through image collection and compositional analysis, this course is designed to give delegates an introduction to the application and operation of scanning electron microscopy.

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