PRAL June Lunch on Video Storytelling

PRAL June Lunch on Video Storytelling
Event on 2015-06-04 12:00:00
Video Storytelling: Being authentic and making your message stand out above the rest! Speakers: Michele and Jay Carter of Beyond Measure Media  These days, more and more viewers are looking for authenticity and content-rich material. Our jobs as video storytellers and public relation professionals is to find the link of humanity and helpfulness between the viewer and the business or organization we're trying to help. People are tribal, going back to the days we'd hear stories around the campfire. They want to hear a story and are willing to go on that journey of watching something unfold.   We'd like to share the 10 lessons we've learned producing video content for our clients.

at Hlton Garden Inn
2015 Old Minden Road
Bossier City, United States

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