PrAna Puts People First With Fair Trade Certified Styles

Carlsbad, CA (PRWEB) April 16, 2014

PrAna is steadily increasing its Fair Trade USA certified offerings, helping to support communities, strengthen local economies and above all, do good for the people who make its clothing and accessories.

At prAna, were guided by the idea that a brand should give much more than it takes from the world, said prAnas Director of Sustainability, Nicole Bassett. This year, we visited some of our suppliers in India and seeing what Fair Trade means to workers firsthand was very meaningful for me. When we work with a Fair Trade factory, they can count on our business, and we can count on their goods. That takes away a lot of the risk for both of us and we can do more together to support people and boost a communitys economy, all while making clothes that look good and feel good.

PrAna was one of the first clothing companies in North America to produce and market Fair Trade certified styles. To help more factories make these positive changes, prAna partners with them long term. Factories that agree to go Fair Trade receive a premium paid directly to workers in the form of increased pay, education or community improvements. Workers have a direct stake: The more Fair Trade apparel they produce, the higher the premium they earn. At the factories prAna works with in Rajlakshmi and Esteam, India, employment turnover rates were under five per cent.

If a product is Fair Trade certified, that tells you it was made in a factory that meets the highest standards when it comes to workplace safety and environmental protection, said prAnas founder, Beaver Theodosakis. When you choose a piece from our Fair Trade collection, theres a direct connection between you and the person who made it youre choosing to support a young family, a school for local kids or a community project like a park or library, and thats a good feeling.

PrAna evaluates its potential suppliers based not only on their capabilities but also through the lens of social and environmental due diligence. That means they choose to work with suppliers that share their values, and that are committed to making positive change. PrAna has three key priorities:

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