Predictive Analytics World for Workforce Announces Powerhouse Speaker Lineup in San Francisco

Santa Barbara, CA (PRWEB) December 08, 2014

At the inaugural Predictive Analytics World for Workforce Conference in San Francisco, a powerhouse gathering of the most innovative employers, consultants, and vendors will discuss how to proactively take full advantage of predictive analytics to strategically solve workforce challenges.

Taking place March 31 – April 1, 2015 at the Marriott Marquis in San Francisco, PAW Workforce uniquely transcends HR to educate and inspire business leaders to leverage powerful employee analytics to solve mission-critical business challenges organization-wide.

Modern analytical methods can predict many aspects of employee performance. These same employees drive everything a company does, every risk it takes, and every penny it makes, says Greta Roberts, CEO of Talent Analytics, Corp. and Conference Chair. PAW Workforce will highlight the real pioneers in this work.

An international mix of the top minds in the exciting field of predictive workforce analytics will gather to discuss a diverse range of topics: predicting employee performance and retention, predicting employee burnout, predicting top leaders, building a successful HR analytics organization and even quantitatively exploring the connection between employee mood and business results.

Predictive Analytics World for Workforce is the foremost leader in applying sophisticated models to inform solutions around workforce challenges, says Elpida Ormanidou, Global Head of People Analytics at Walmart and PAW Workforce Keynote.

One of the many important topics to be addressed at PAW Workforce will be on employee retention and on specifically how businesses can predict flight risk with 70-90% accuracy across all levels of their organization.

“It’s well documented that retaining top talent is an important and expensive challenge across the board for employers. HR technology vendors need to focus on tools that are predictive in nature in addition to reporting the past,” says Steve VanWieren, PAW Workforce presenter & Data Scientist at Ultimate Software.

Registration ( has now opened for PAW Workforce in San Francisco and conference chair Greta Roberts has announced the program (, which represents a compelling mix of practitioner and vendor thought leadership from some of the most innovative predictive workforce analytics companies in the world.

Featured speakers come from innovative organizations including Talent Analytics, Walmart, ABN AMRO, American Savings Bank, AOL, Cisco, Dignity Health, Elder Research, HiQ Labs, iNostix, Numerical Insights, Pfizer, SMD, Sears, Smarter Remarketer, tClara, Ultimate Software, 3d Results.

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