Préparation 4×4 Pathfinder – AXE 4 Accessoires 4×4 matériel 4×4 équipements 4×4

Préparation d’un Pathfinder pour raids 4×4 : montage d’un snorkel avec pré-filtre, pare-chocs, ski de protection, kit suspension. AXE 4 Accessoires 4×4 matériel 4×4 équipements 4×4

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17 Responses to Préparation 4×4 Pathfinder – AXE 4 Accessoires 4×4 matériel 4×4 équipements 4×4

  1. mbo18monte says:

    jajajajaj very funny music!!! sound like mario bros music gamen

  2. poderosonando says:

    in venezuela, my country, we know the 70´s series like “machito” look some videos “machito off road”

  3. leabuelo says:

    independent suspension doesnt flex

  4. badopinion says:

    Wrong vehicle to mod. IFS. Multi rear. Long wheelbase. . . . At least put some sway bar disconnects on it. Oh yeah, the music is funny.

  5. magikgonzo says:

    Put Real Tire On That -.-” But Still Nice

  6. d0min0danc1ng says:

    The snorkel looks funny and weird. Not my cup of tea. Land Cruiser 70 series look much better.Toyota FOREVER!

  7. eolovento says:

    very good but the discovery has already air suspensions

  8. dieselweasel69 says:

    Put a washer machine motor in that top skin thin, and BAM rednech turbo.

  9. Optimus99876 says:

    that suspension needs to flex! then you wouldn’t have 3 on the gound and one in the air.

  10. wtrdogg20 says:

    What the fuck is that music??????!!…Good change, but that crap at the end of the snorkel can be taken away!!!!

  11. seagerskizz says:

    omg delete this shitty music… btw nice car

  12. sequiaonda78 says:

    Well I was thinking the same..

  13. beastmachine2010 says:

    i love pathfinder

  14. laflogin says:

    I love the Pathfinder.. but the new model loose the offroad spirit. The rear and front suspension are very low and short now and the truck lucks fat an haevy. Nice equipment and video, but the music sucss!!!

  15. WintersAL says:

    very lovely bumper and under carriage!

  16. jimmyoriley says:

    le func ya’sel or something!

  17. BL0HARD says:


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