Prescription, Lab and Imaging Card

We present you with this FREE benefit to our employees, contractors, clients and friends and it is extended also for FREE to your employees, relatives, friends and their relatives and friends. So let everybody know that we have it ready for shipping.

AI SEO is offering everyone FREE access to savings on prescription medications via our Prescription, Lab and Imaging Card; discounts up to 90+% off the retail price. Anyone with or without prescription coverage can take this card to any participating pharmacy and receive immediate savings on their medications.

The AI SEO Prescription Discount Program WORKS FOR THOSE WITH and WITHOUT INSURANCE!

Our Enhanced Program GUARANTEES that cardholders are receiving the absolute lowest possible price on their generic and brand prescriptions; whether it’s the insurance copayment, the pharmacy cash price, or the AI SEO Prescription price.

How it Works

Follow these steps to ensure you are paying the lowest price for your prescription medications:

Go to our pharmacy price search tool to find the absolute lowest price on your medications.

If you have insurance and you are obtaining a generic: Show your insurance card to the pharmacy and if your cost is more than $10 present your FREE card and ask, discounted price? We guarantee you the lowest price between our discounted price, your insurance copay or the pharmacy cash price!

If you do not have prescription insurance: Present your FREE card at the pharmacy for instant savings on every generic and brand prescription.

Have pets? If your pet has a prescription valid at the pharmacy use this card.

How You Benefit

This is a simple unique way that benefits you whether you are insured, uninsured or underinsured.

Free access to savings at over 54,000 pharmacies, laboratories and medical imaging facilities across the USA and Puerto Rico.

Access to savings on brand or generic medications requiring prescriptions- no restrictions
No enrollment or activation required
Free online tools such as the pharmacy price search engine

Just complete this order form we will send you your FREE card:
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