Present Like Steve Jobs

Apple CEO Steve Jobs is well known for his electrifying presentations. Communications coach Carmine Gallo discusses the various techniques Jobs uses to captivate and inspire his audience — techniques that can easily be applied to your next presentation. For more tips on presenting like Jobs, read our Crash Course.

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  1. NASConline says:

    I work for the National Association of Solution Providers and Channel Partners (NASC) and would like your permission to re-post this video on our website

  2. musomannz says:

    He knew his company and his products so well and was the perfect person to do the big sell. You can believe all you want that you’ve got an amazing product, but if you can’t convince others to feel what you feel and see what you see about it, it won’t go anywhere. Apple was so lucky to have Jobs cos not only did he know the products inside-out, he was passionate about them and he had that unique gift to sell and not come across like a con salesman. He genuinely believed in what he did – 100%

  3. musomannz says:

    Steve Jobs’s passion and enthusiasm for his products and services were palpable through his keynotes. After watching him present I’ve never looked at another presenter the same way again. Lots of them just deliver information like it’s scripted. You don’t “feel” their passion and enthusiasm like Jobs. Jobs LOVED what he did so much he got emotional about it. It meant that much to him and you can see it and feel it when you watch interviews and keynotes by him. He’s amping with massive energy.

  4. musomannz says:

    A lot of university lecturers and teachers out there could learn SO MUCH from Steve Jobs when it comes to delivering their content. Some lecturers are great and know how to engage an audience but still too many others merely deliver data in a very meaningless and uninteresting way. Showing visually busy slides, talking too much and speeding through the material is a great way to frustrate your audience. I’m a teacher and know from experience of my own shortcomings. But SJ has opened my eyes :-)

  5. cellur111 says:

    i have.

  6. Vincent Lee says:

    apple products are good, but they appears even greater through SJ’s presentation. SJ’s is a great presenter and knows how to touch base with audience and sell products.

  7. gcalvanetten says:

    Read his biography before you say things that are based on nothing.

  8. Arthur Jojo says:

    Shut up.

  9. cellur111 says:

    Steve jobs was a rude asshole and he never created anything all he did was present it and market it.

  10. 宝くじ当選しました お譲りします says:


  11. 1pomii says:

    goto any android keynote

  12. PeachiAir says:

    This helped me so much on my presentation today..Thanks Steve Jobs! :)

  13. Kommaseir says:

    Right – but he also invented those too. So good luck with that.

  14. GreenArt4 says:

    i miss steve jobs’ presentations thumbs up if you do too ):

  15. GORGONasfm says:

    steve im doing a biografi of YOU

  16. manskdsheiejsjhseffh says:


  17. Ztuliable says:

    Great presentation. I want topping out nose thing: telling people that 12 gig is enough music for them to listen to on their journey to the moon and back is not tangible. Instead, I would give an amount of songs or just the plane amount of time. That said, I found this presentation to be thoughtful and useful.

  18. Ztuliable says:

    Great presentation. I want topping out nose thing: telling people that 12 gig is enough music for them to listen to n the jurny

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