Presentation Skills Training – “How to Use Public Speaking to Change Your Life”

Presentation Skills Training – “How to Use Public Speaking to Change Your Life”
Event on 2017-06-24 10:00:00
PRESENTATION SKILLS TRAINING "How to Use Public Speaking to Change Your Life"       Start off the Summer by Investing in Your Most Valuable Asset – YOU!     The worlds greatest investor, Warren Buffet, has stated that the best investment he's ever made was to invest in developing his public speaking skills. Here is a short video in which Warren Buffet explains the value of his public speaking training: *** NOTE: VIDEOS ONLY SHOW UP ON LAPTOPS OR DESKTOPS ***      As an entrepreneur, the ability to captivate an audience will translate into attracting more clients into your high end programs causing your business to soar to new heights.  At our upcoming workshop, you will not only learn how to promote your high ticket programs through platform presentations, you will also benefit from the sharp minds of other entrepreneurs that will put Napolean Hills master mind principle into full effect. Imagine an event where you come to master public speaking, internet marketing, and receive expert business coaching – all in ONE Program! Our way of teaching is using advanced immersion techniques where you see, hear, and do so the concepts become ingrained and implemented for maximum retention.    Here is a video of one of my clients presenting on CNN:       What makes our training so effective is a unique blend of video feedback complimented with real time coaching designed to cut through the bad habits that have accumulated through the years. You will learn a unique systematic approach to public speaking, a patented system that's only taught by Atlanta Public Speaking.  During the workshop, we will cover:    *Using Advanced Mind Mapping to Create Content – Allowing you to design presentations in 30-45 min     *Exploring key aspects of delivery from stage movement to knowing what to do with your hands    *How to use storytelling, statistics, quotes, and analogies to make your message stand out   *How to open effectively, build credibility, deliver quality content, and close in a powerful, persuasive way   *How to engage the audience like a pro. Learn key strategies that the pros use to help the audience feel like they're a part of the presentation.    * How to use strategy sessions to set dedicated appointments with your ideal clients   * How to create a Big Ticket Program, you will learn the 7 Step formula that we used to create our own high end Mastermind   VERY INTERACTIVE – YOU WILL HAVE A CHANCE TO SPEAK AT THE EVENT!     *** These Structures Will Work For Your Live Events and Online Programs***      Whether you are persuading colleagues, selling a client or motivating your team, the power of your presentation makes the difference between success and failure!     *** Our bootcamps are designed as a small group learning environment to allow plenty of practice time – Limited Seating ***         Check out our 60 Sec Explainer Video to look at the programs at a glance:        I strongly recommend that you sign up for our Upcoming Workshop!      You will learn more about public speaking and monetizing your speaking during this workshop then any previous training you've received on this topic, combined! I have been training professionals for years and I have been dubbed by different sources as "the best public speaking coach in Atlanta"     I have a strong passion to help people in this area as I used to struggle with stage fright all through out my adolescent years. The best way to learn is through someone who has been in your shoes, yet found a way to rock crowds on the big stages! I have taught public speaking to executives from American Airlines, IBM, Hilti, Home Depot, Accenture, and many others – and this year, I'd like to teach you through Our Proven 90 Day Bootcamp! This is a program that I developed to help people learn and remember a lot in a very short period of time. It is also designed to help honest, heartfelt entrepreneurs with lead generation and consistent cash flow. I decided to offer it to my wonderful members of Atlanta Public Speaking. It is very interactive and you will have a chance to speak during every class! I've taught portions of this presentation before at the corporate level for 00/hr.     Below is a short clip from one of our previous workshops:     Here's a testimonial from a GA Tech professional that has received his breakthrough after participating in the training:    "It is with the greatest pleasure that l write this recommendation to Mr. Ariel Ghinga, CEO of the Personality Development Group, LLC. I came across an advertisement by Ariel when I was searching for expert advice and coaching to improve my professional and personal presentation and overall expression skills. The service provided by Ariel via one-on-one coaching sessions proved to be more than the monies’ worth. Ariel’s training, guidance and teaching caused a significant transformation in my life. His methods helped me achieve much more than I expected: I was able to achieve my immediate career goals by implementing his approaches in real life situations.    By just showing up for one of his demonstrations sessions, I was able to gauge what to expect and immediately signed up for his services. That was one of the smartest decisions I made in my life. I would highly recommend Ariel’s services to anyone who is looking to achieve his or her dream goals but is only restricted by the weaknesses or negative aspects of the personality. If you think you have some difficulties in expressing yourself or surviving under professional or normal social settings, Ariel would be the person to go for! He will guide you towards your goals, and teach you methods that will continuously keep you on track for nothing less than the ultimate success of your personal goals!" – Chaminda M. Gamage, Ph.D., Research Scientist II, School of Chemistry and Biochemistry Georgia Institute of Technology     Check Out Some Reviews From Our Customers & Seminar Attendees:                             Ive put together a 2 Part Webinar Series to Give You a Sense of What You'll Learn and answer any questions you may have about the program (***SPECIAL DISCOUNTS AND BONUSES ARE OFFRED AT THE END OF THE WEBINAR***)   Webinar: From Stagefright to Spotlight….Watch Now!       Call 404-454-6550 or visit See you on our campus!       Always My Best,     -Ariel    Here are some more reviews from our previous workshops: Angelic Muhammad I had a great time! I am glad my friend invited me. Like · Reply · December 21 · Mute taurea Awesome awesome workshop!!! Very glad that I attended and I am looking forward to the class. Like · Reply · December 20 · Mute Mattia Harris Bolton The workshop was powerful and effective. I came away with so much more insight than I previously had in the area of public speaking. Ariel has this way of making learning fun, so while I was gaining an understanding of how to use my tone of voice, hand gestures and attitude to grasp the crowd, I was yet having a ball. He has a natural way of making you feel comfortable in his presence and okay with making a few mistakes without feeling like an idiot. I absolutely loved this workshop and look forward to working with him in the near future to assist me in perfecting my speaking craft. Ariel has an awesome gift of teaching. He is a natural motivator and he has instilled a lot within me in just those 2 hours, Ariel is a gift. Like · Reply · December 19 · Mute John McCullough Very informative. Can't believe how much we learned in such a short time. Ariel is definitely a knowledgeable Public Speaking Coach. Looking forward to much more. Like · Reply · December 19 · Mute Antuan Lowe Great Workshop!! I look forward to the additional training. Ariel is an exciting sincere Coach and it was a great pleasure to experience. Like · Reply · December 19 · Mute Joanna I really enjoyed this workshop! It was worth the long drive for me.. Like · Reply · December 19 · Mute Sue It was a very inspiring and fun meeting! Like · Reply · December 19 · Mute A. Rendon Not only did I learn, I enjoyed myself very much as well. Mr. Ghinga, is an inspiration and a very professional instructor. Like · December 13 Trina  Trina  This meet up was worth every minute. Ariel is a awesome. He is an effective teacher and gave excellent pointers to get me from stage fright to spotlight. Thanks Ariel! Like · Reply · December 13 · Mute Bruce Rosario  Bruce Rosario  The Work Spot is an excellent location!!!! Excellent class!!! Ariel is an excellent teacher & coach!!!! Like · Reply · December 12 · Mute monicadenise  monicadenise  This Workshop was awesome !!! Like · Reply · December 12 · Mute Dawn Rae  Dawn Rae  really great info!!! glad im here! 1 · Like · Reply · December 12 · Mute Rayann Larsen  Rayann Larsen  One of the best meet ups I have ever been to. Very simple action items for me to put into place today! Like · Reply · December 12 · Mute Jason Oman  Jason Oman  Hey Ariel! I didn't know you're doing Pub Speaking MeetUps man!! I wish I would've known sooner. I can't make it to the 12/12 gig because I'm doing dinner with a buddy who saved my life when my head blew up from the Anneurysm. (You remember Riad right??) But, PLEASE if you're open/willing, let me know about your next Public Speaking event so I can make SURE to book it before anything else! I'm DEFINITELY wanting to get back into doing more speaking again. So, that would be AWESOME!!  (I just never know when my memory will work or when it won't from the Anneurysm. So, in case I don't find/see the notification about it I'm hoping you'll send me an email/text.)  Thx for being such a Rock Star, my friend! Jason Oman  #1 Best-Selling Author from TV Like · Reply · December 11 · Mute  

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