Preview: Chavez-Martinez Preshow

•Part 1: •Part 2: •Part 3: •Part 4: •Part 5: A look at the five-part documentary on the Sept. 15th fight between middleweight champ Julio Cesar Chavez Jr. and Sergio Martinez. Each day this week, watch a new segment on
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9 Responses to Preview: Chavez-Martinez Preshow

  1. dmgbx100 says:

    mi respecto a la familia chavez, pero jr. no hiso ni mierda. no se medese otra oportunidad, martinez savia del comieso, ahora, quien handa la boca lleno de mierda? y al final ni respecto le dio a martinez, que poco hombre. viva argentina .

  2. TheMovieLinker says:

    I can’t wait lol

  3. george m says:

    maravilla es un depredador man !

  4. Jon Lopez says:

    Martinez knock this piece is shit out. Vamos martinez rompele la madre a jr

  5. Manuel Lopez says:

    Chavez jr. va a ganar!!!

  6. kino1joakin says:

    apoyen a maravilla en: @maravillabox

  7. WatDaStreetsCreated says:

    idk who to choose. thought bout it and I got Sergio

  8. MrAsschannel1 says:

    Martinez smokes chavez jr

  9. MikloLV says:

    “The problem for all Mexican fighters is speed” Who ever that dude is I’d like to see him take a shot from Chavez.  We’ll see if he can even move after that. Chavez will KO Martinez in 7!

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