Primary Perception, Plants wired to polygraph machine, Consciousness of the talking Plants Video created by: John Carnagey In 1966 Cleve Backster conducted his now famous experiment in which he attached a polygraph machin…

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20 Responses to Primary Perception, Plants wired to polygraph machine, Consciousness of the talking Plants

  1. Hillary Hays says:

    Myth Busters tested his experiments and they could not disprove a certain percentage of his research. They did prove plants have perception.

  2. bachws says: there is no such thing as plant perception.

  3. AcidHouseMatt says:

    I am reading a brilliant scientific book authored by Peter Tompkins and Christopher Bird called ‘The secret life of plants’ it is considered a pseudo scientific book by skeptics, and people ruled by rational thought. You should check it out, it mentions Backsters experiments, and further experiments inspired by his.

  4. alfaomegaenergia says:

    niiice one ;/

  5. Ab4593 says:

    Definitly bro, they wanna spank his ass :)

  6. virgodave61 says:

    The biggest void in infinity is between your ears, Iv’e seen this, its real. If we hooked up rocks I think we would also see results!

  7. virgodave61 says:

    You are not awake, you can prove this yourself!

  8. virgodave61 says:

    This is real my dad sold lie detectors for plants in the back of pop-science in the 70’s. Our next door neighbor was cheif polygraph artist for the Wayne county sherifs dept. His wife used to take care of the plants and when she came home from work they would go nuts as soon as she pulled into the driveway. If he tought of burning a leaf with a cig they would go nuts. His rubber plant worked the best!

  9. FirestormAlpha11 says:

    This is what you call “Entanglement”.

  10. FirestormAlpha11 says:

    This is the best argument against vegetarians.

  11. Horusthecoconut says:

    Like there is no fcking way you can see this empirically (you are either in entanglement or resonance or not; and why this video is bling fraud central) too many variables, you either feel it or this is just complete insanity empirically.

  12. Horusthecoconut says:

    So that’s the thing with these concepts, they only becomes relevant with higher sensitivity or resonance from being or feeling, and why this was impossible to pursue in the past…..

  13. Horusthecoconut says:

    Lol, massive fertile ground for fraud beyond all human conception through, that’s the problem, unless you are resonating with being or from feeling, then the 0,1 of the mind takes over and that’s an infinity of meaning, so easily slides into delusion, besides, this is a graduates paradise, wtf am I talking about,, if people Beleived this this would be a PARADiSE for manipulation, makes galactic federation if light and david wilcock look like an empirical establishment.

  14. Horusthecoconut says:

    Plants are a “void infinity” -in that the chlorophyll that “statics” the photon is an inverted infinity, actually goes back to the virtual light. But enough bullshit for now

  15. Horusthecoconut says:

    Trees are actually closer to god in linear time than a human being, why? Too complicated, besides, it will just sound like bs and insanity so why bother. Plants are actually a link between the logos and the entropy in a paradox “static” infinity, in the end, we will actually turn plant like for reasons I won’t specify here. ,

  16. Horusthecoconut says:

    You just know the guy at the beginning is smoking the plants.

  17. Horusthecoconut says:

    It about chlorophyll….and the infinity of light…. But I’m not revealing any of those secrets, for now.

  18. Horusthecoconut says:

    Physics of the hidden world on YouTube…and god and the ism

  19. Horusthecoconut says:

    Carl Jung + David Bohm + hermeticism + my video = head explosion

  20. Horusthecoconut says:

    We are one…one unity and love…..let us be in peace….,yes…..then I’d probably get fired after having sex with one of the students.

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