Prince of Persia – Let’s Play – Part 9 – Puzzles of Persia

Be sure to leave a rating, it really means a lot! Welcome to my Let’s Play of the Prince of Persia game released in 2008. This game is very different to the rest of the PoP games, so you may not enjoy it. Either way, I hope you join me in playing through this game. ——————————————————————- Links to Stuff: Twitter: Steam Fan Group: T-Shirt Store:

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3 Responses to Prince of Persia – Let’s Play – Part 9 – Puzzles of Persia

  1. DPadGamer says:

    Thanks for understanding 😀

  2. Rat3dSTARZ says:

    I know how hard it is bro :). It’s like you have sooo many awesome game videos you want to share with your viewers, but there aren’t enough days in the year to do a video a day XD. Keep up the good work Dpad :D. And keep those videos coming :) I love your commentary 😀

  3. DPadGamer says:

    It is only two a day. The annotations make for easy viewing, if you don’t feel like watching them current (as they come out) you can just wait, and watch from whatever video you were last at. Hell, you can always wait until the entire series is over to watch, if that is something you wanna do (I do that sometimes.)

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