Private Investigator Leeds Respond to a Recent Article by Ross McGuinness of Metro News, 30th November 2012: Hasta La Vista, Humanity Will Robots Wipe Out Mankind like Terminators?

(PRWEB UK) 7 December 2012

Cambridge University has announced the formation of the Centre for the Study of Existential Risk (CSER) which will look into the possibility of machines wiping out humanity. Those behind the project believe science fiction could have a part to play in our extinction such as biotechnology, nanotechnology, climate change and artificial intelligence. The members of this new team consist of a philosopher, a scientist and a software entrepreneur which will give a wide perspective into the exploration of the risk to humanity from the very technology it has created.

Scientists believe the attack could start as a viral attack with a simple infected USB stick. The malicious software could hunt down targets and wait for the ideal opportunity to strike by overriding the control of a computer. This could have a devastating effect on our safety if the target computer was that of a nuclear power station, railway’s signal systems or airport control tower. This type of attack would cause havoc and have disastrous consequences.

Private Investigator Leeds are often asked to de bug homes, offices, vehicles and computers as individuals and business alike are suspicious of foul play.

A spokesperson for Private Investigator Leeds said:

Computer and telephone infiltration is very common because of the technology available on the internet. We have helped many companies and individuals by successfully locating and de activating bugs.

Private Investigator Leeds along with their sister company Investigator London is a team of highly trained professional and discreet private investigators and detectives with over 35 years experience in the industry. Their understanding and approachable team of male and female detectives are available 24/7 to conduct matrimonial, corporate and private investigations.

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