Product Review #2, The Pathfinder SS Water Bottle and Cup

Product Review #2, The Pathfinder SS Water Bottle and Cup
Video Rating: 4 / 5

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22 Responses to Product Review #2, The Pathfinder SS Water Bottle and Cup

  1. iliveoutside says:

    What kind of threads are on this bottle? Are they Nalgene standard thread? I got a Klean kanteen, and the threads are different so my water filter wont’ thread on.

  2. DeeperRoots116 says:

    I just got mine today, and I love it, great quality. Cant wait to put it in the fire

  3. hoosierarcher says:

    No offense intended but you reviewing an item from your own product line seems less than objective. I think you should send me a set to video a review as an impartial observer. Yeah that’s it and impartial review 😀

  4. derekchrs says:

    Wow didn’t know this was uploaded on my Birthday. Love the videos!! Keep’em coming!

  5. Bruce Nitroxpro says:

    I read the experience of Tskimmo with the spreader failing. The temperature of the steel would have to be EXTREME to make it lose its temper. To do this would take some kind of blowtorch… a plain fire would not do it unless it was in a forest fire. I wouldn’t worry about any bail which is hanging as shown in the video.

  6. BetterVideosTube says:

    Anyone else see the static sparks jump off the bottle at 01:43 ? Thanks Dave for the great videos and products. I ordered your water bottle / cup etc Black Friday special and look forward to meeting you one day. Words can’t express how much my family and i appreciate you . T.A.

  7. Tskimmo says:

    i think this must have happened, pictures of what exactly?

  8. wildernessoutfitters says:

    I have NEVER seen this would love for you to have had some pics of this, you must have engulfed the spreader in flames to heat it enough to loose temper?

  9. Tskimmo says:

    love the bottle, cup and stove, but this weekend when i was boiling water over a fire using my fish spreader to hang my bottle off a tripod, it lost all of its springiness and dumped the contents of the bottle onto my fire and put it out, which is a pretty large failure in the product. now im just using to bulldog clips joined by wire which is lighter cheap and works

  10. asher45s says:

    great piece of kit brother i love the 25 0z cup you cant find any other cup that size great product!

  11. wildernessoutfitters says:

    Yes it has, but if anyone gets one that leaks we will be happy to replace it.

  12. Feijo208 says:

    I saw reviews about ppl having problems with the bottle lid gasket leaking not not having a proper seal. Any one know weather this has been fixed on the new production models?

  13. Tim Casteline says:

    Hey Dave I drilled holes in the cup and with the fish mouth spreader it works great as a billy can. Just trying to think of a way to have a lid in with the system. A watched pot never boils. Thank you for all the great gear and gear reviews. I have bought a lot of gear from your website. Hope I will get the chance to take one of your classes.

  14. stephen crosse says:

    high this is a great little bottle it would be great to have a laminated card with the directions of what to add in the bottle to make it drinkable yes knowledge remembered is better but youve not always got everything with you and its nice to have a little reminder in the form of a crib card to assist with purification (great bottle)

  15. Hungerth says:

    Is there any chance that you guys would sell the cups separate from the bottles in the future? I’m fine with my guyot but would love a bigger nesting cup. Thanks.

  16. NextLevelAdventures1 says:

    Just ordered this. Cant wait to take it out and use it

  17. NextLevelAdventures1 says:

    Did you say “dandy” LOL jk Love your videos

  18. joezbackwith2gatz says:

    This kit is perfect… I gotta get it.

  19. justin46017 says:

    you could always do a v notch instead of the square one

  20. alzathoth says:

    i just bought a hanger off of WOA website. mine is stainless steel. :) i had to bend it slightly for it to work in my guyot designs bottle, but it works fine so far. :)

  21. NaturalStateNative says:

    Is the mouth as big on the pathfinder/Kleen canteen as it is on the guyot? I will be ordering a set when they are back in stock. I only wish the cup had handles similar to the snow peak 700 or vargo, but since either one of those cost as much as this whole set…I’ll deal with it

  22. brittonstrouth88 says:

    should have bought it from Dave’s site its only 3

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