Productivity Future Vision (2011)

Watch how future technology will help people make better use of their time, focus their attention, and strengthen relationships while getting things done at …

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15 Responses to Productivity Future Vision (2011)

  1. MrBranagain says:

    Enough of these visons of flashy knick-knacks, give us ocean spanning bridges, multi-kilometer high starscrapers, underground geofront cities, or even space elevators!

  2. Christoffre says:

    3:03 Most of the things in this video are just everyday events done more efficiently and prototypes under development, but how close are we hologram technology?

  3. TheInternetTraining says:

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  4. xxx420weed says:

    Everything is just electronic… wat happens if theres some king of emp lol

  5. jasmin tippett says:

    this is going to mess the families up more and peoples mind

  6. Kid Rock says:

    Hhhh…u are smart

  7. Kid Rock says:

    #Please: any commenter answer this…can Linux open source made this futuristic ((( OS ))))?????! Please answer

  8. Andrew Sperry says:

    Interesting article involving this video at _ helpingoldtalentdotcom _. It’s called Microsoft Restructuring Strategy!

  9. Pavel Ponomarew says:

    не верю) могли бы хоть немного похожим на реальность сделать. во первых все Оочень медленно, нормальные люди так не работают с электронными устройствами. второе что меня повеселило это то что люди общаются друг с другом и ни у кого кроме главных героев нет телефонов..будь у меня такое устройство я бы из него не вылезал целыми днями.

  10. Juan Martinez says:

    I like technology, but not to live without it. :l

  11. Juan Martinez says:

    What’s going to happen with that people who don’t know about technology…? Where are they going to work at…? :l I like this “future” it looks so futuristic. but i really care about old people… :l

  12. mirela belova says:

    perfection is emptiness…

  13. chapuliforno says:

    Because It’s cool ( In my opinion)

  14. Vergast says:

    You said it dude…

  15. ITZmeiii says:

    learning how to use this shit will be a bitch…

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