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Gtext Studio is a subsidiary of Gtext media and investment ltd. a leading digital marketing consultant firm based in Lagos with branches in abroad. Gtext studio is a sound proof studio designed to offer in-studio TV content production and audio production, we also have a session for corporate photography like editorial, advertising, fashion, commercial, illustration and products shooting. at Gtext Studio, we do no limit our services to in-house alone. we also offer out door services like events filming, documentary, movie production. we also give our sound proof studio. for rentage, where by people with TV contents can shoot their shows and edit right there in our studio as have editing suite for post productions. At Gtext Studio, our ultimate goal is to raise world-class and topnotch photographers. We do this through a series of workshops, training, and internship programs.With uncountable photographers having passed through some of our training programs, you can be rest assured that you’re in trusted hands. Below are series of skill training we offer for now 1) 6-months Diploma program: Designed for people who have made up their mind to start a full-time career in photography, the 6-months program provides you a foundation for building your photography business. Students have the extra privilege of becoming a temporary “residents” of Gtext Invst ltd. thereby having the opportunity to also witness first-hand the day-to-day management of the organization. The following is a summary of the curriculum that will be taught during the 6 months program. * History of Photography * Introduction to Digital Photography 1-3 * Lenses, Aperture & Shutter Speed * Lighting & Studio Lights * Using Flash/Speedlites Effectively * Composition * Product Photography * Event Photography * Portraits * Business of Photography (1-2) * Marketing your Photography * Introduction to Adobe CS6 * Using Light room 5 * Designing a Photographer’s Website * Using Social Media (Facebook, Google+, instagram, etc) * Creating Multiple streams of Income * The future of Photography Program fee is N247, 777. Package comes inclusive of some photography training resources and accessories. Next Sessions start on March 1s, 2016. For more details regarding this program & how to join,  call the Art Director on 08161264456,  whatsapp 08095502925,  BBm: 52C52419 2) 10-day Intensive Training: A 40-hour+ intensive training, this program is designed for busy people who want to get a quick solid foundation of different basic aspects of photography. Below is a breakdown of some of the courses (we call them modules) we offer in this program. Module 1: Introduction to Digital Photography: Gain control and confidence in your digital photography – with a strong emphasis on exposure. This course is designed to help you appreciate the different functions, controls and options in the exciting digital dimension. The class will also examine how aperture and ISO settings work together with shutter speeds to create different photographic effects. Key Features • Camera Wheels, Deals, and Decisions • Aperture – Depth of Field & more • Shutter Speed – Fast or Slow, Which Way to Go? • White Balance • ISO Settings • Focusing – Understanding focus and how it relates to your image • How to take better digital pictures. • And many more.Duration: 3 days Course Fee: N40,000 DATES:  Weekday Batch : February 1-3, 2016 Weekend Batch: February 5th, 6th & 7th, 2016 Registration closes when a class of 15 students has been reached Course Module 2: Lighting & Composition Whether you want to create compelling head shots, professional group or family portraits, or interesting self-portraits, you can learn how to successfully light and compose your subjects in an indoor, controlled studio environment. In this class we’ll teach you how to make the most of studio lights. Effectively use “Natural” light, Learn how to be sensitive to light, one of the two main ingredients that go into making great photographs. In this class you will find out how to become a “pro” at working with natural light. You will learn to use natural light to take your images to the next level – to having them be seen as fine art. You will explore topics that will immediately transform your work, such as backlighting and window light. Duration: 2 days Course Fee: N33,333 DATES: Weekday Batch : February 15th&16th, 2016 Weekend Class available Registration closes when a class of 15 students has been reached Module 3: Business of Photography In this course, you’ll be deciding whether or not you need a studio. We’ll discuss the importance of documented agreements. Other topics to be discussed include: negotiating for a job, Creating a business structure, pricing your work, customer service, multiple streams of income in photography, branding your photography and the importance of Packaging. Duration: 1 day Course Fee: N23,333 DATES: Weekday : March 2nd, 2016 Weekend Available Registration closes when a class of 15 students has been reached Module 4: The Digital Darkroom In this course you’ll learn the components of a photographer’s digital darkroom. You’ll also learn how to edit with Photoshop. Master the nuances of this powerful image-editing software. Do you find reading software manuals frustrating? Are you struggling to overcome the infamous learning curve that comes with Adobe Photoshop? Then join us as we deliver a great introduction to the program, and we always excels at answering your questions and critiquing your photos. Key Features • Basic Setup & Workflow • Rotating and Cropping • Layers and Levels • Retouching with Cloning and the Healing Brush • Curves, Color Balance, and Hue/Saturation • Resolution, Image Sizing and Sharpening • Fun, friendly introduction to Photoshop. • Learn the basic functions, as well as special tips for enhancing and adjusting your images. • Gain confidence in using Photoshop. • Learn how to design an album with Photoshop. Duration: 3 days Course Fee: N44,999 DATES: Weekday SETS: March 5th-8th, 2016 Weekend Class Avalible Registration closes when a class of 15 students has been reached call the Art Director on 08161264456,  whatsapp 08095502925,  BBm: 52C52419 for bank details and more clarification. on behalf of gtext studio, wishing you all the best

at 52 Ijaiye Rd, Beside UBA Bank, Ogba, Lagos
52 Ijaiye Road
Ikeja, Nigeria

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