Professional Women of LA Worked Together to Solve Their Business Woes at NAPW Los Angeles, CA Chapter Event in November

Garden City, NY (PRWEB) December 19, 2012

Members and guests of the NAPW Los Angeles, CA Local Chapter gathered on November 14th for a dinner networking meeting. A number of attendees posed their business challenges to the group of professional women who together brainstormed creative solutions to the problems they face.

Since the NAPW Los Angeles Local Chapter President Ruth Garcia-Corrales arrived later in the evening, Lorri Herman called the meeting to order.

After a period of introductions and networking, members and guests were encouraged to present their business challenges to the audience for helpful feedback, said Lorri. Together, the group came up with some outstanding ideas and creative solutions.

First up was member Daphne Germaine, CEO of G&D Survival Kits. Daphne described her product, emergency kits, and outlined her difficulty in getting the business known. The product could be useful in every individual household and every business, but she has not realized much product demand. She does not know how to create a stronger on-line visibility. The group suggested specific places to market.

Next, member Susan Hardwick and Jamie Jackson, joint owners of Belles Yoyage, a wardrobe management business, presented their challenge. They want to help their clients look their best when they enter the job market. The want to teach them how to make wardrobe purchases more effective, and have clients who ultimately look their best and feel their best. They also want to be more visible on their website. They need to find womens organizations to which they can market their services. Several organizations were suggested. One of the best ideas was to reach the Hispanic market using television, a Spanish language web site, and Spanish language apps. Member Mercedes Holley reported that 50,000 Hispanics were turning 18 every month!

Los Angeles Chapter member Ruth Klein, an expert in branding, marketing, and publicity, summarized the challenges and gave similar solutions. For Daphne, what matters is: where does she want to go?, Ruth said. Where are her priorities? If she wants to reach a corporation, what kind of corporation?

Ruth advised members to develop a package or one applicationan overview of what one wants to doa specific program (or plan) to promote and a single market segmentnot wide and shallow, but narrow and deep. She also suggested preparing ten mini websites to hit the market.

Do not put money in Google ads. Be specific, said Ruth.

For Jamie and Susan, Ruth suggested identifying the market and making a plan.

Regarding Google, start and create a fundamental site, get it up and then massage it. It takes four to six months for the search engines to find it, said Ruth. Have your website mentioned or linked on someone elses website. Update it and add to it frequently.

Ruth suggested using a resource to assist with the website. Content is king update articles, blog sites. Have articles on directories, podcasts and videos, she said.

Donna Freed agreed that focus is essential. She advised Daphne to embark upon a publicity campaign, i.e., Is Southern CA ready for the Earthquake?

Once you develop your plan, remain focused on it, Donna said.

Mercedes Holley recommended the women allocate a budget for advertising, and every step they are making they have to have a follow-up program all the way, and never stop their follow up. In addition, she referred them to the power of the Hispanic market. Mercedes explained that in Los Angeles, its the growing segment of the population.

All of the suggestions were excellent and the women were eager to get started on implementing them, said Chapter President Ruth Garcia-Corrales.

During the meeting, Chapter member Daisy Marks distributed some holiday menus, and announced two events for the Westside Regional Center: a benefit concert Saturday, November 17th for the Achievable Foundation at 8:00pm, at St. Augustine-By-The-Sea Episcopal Church, 1227 Fourth Street, Santa Monica; and a holiday Toy Drive (for clients with developmental disabilities and their families).

Donations for the toy drive may be brought to the December 12th NAPW Los Angeles Chapter meeting, announced Ruth.

Daisy, who graciously volunteered to take the Chapter Minutes, then read a poem by Carl Sandburg from The People Yes.

The following members and guests were present at the November Los Angeles Chapter meeting:

Lorri Herman, Independent Consultant with Arbonne International. Join Lorri for brunch at her home and to get pampered on Sunday November 18th. Time to look and feel your best for the holidays and do your holiday shopping with Arbonne’s luxurious Swiss, herbal, and botanical products Lorri is a Board Member at United in Harmony, who will host a holiday event on December 15th at the Boys and Girls Club in Watts for homeless and impoverished children who participate in their camping and enriched programs. Lorri invited attendees to volunteer, and said they are always happy to receive in-kind donations of new toys or books. For more information, contact Lorri at lorriherman(at)me(dot)com.

Ruth Klein is a trifecta, sharing her expertise in branding, marketing, and publicity. Her company is The Marketing/Time Source. She is the Author of six published books, and will meet in New York shortly with literary agents, to whom she can refer other writers. Her volunteer work with the Self-Esteem Council is helping to motivate sophomore girls toward graduation and future career. An article on Ruth appears in this months Entrepreneur Magazine.

Donna Freed discussed her business, Phaz 2, a mobile womens technical marketing company, concentrating on the mobile web and mobile apps.

Sylvia Madera, formerly from Italy, has experience in marketing and event planning. She discussed her experience with Dolce and Gabanna.

Jacqueline Saavedra is a Sales Director with Xerox Corporation, and offers assistance with sales training and developing marketing plans.

Cat Lambertini, First Vice President-Wealth Management and Financial Advisor at Merrill Lynch, is a Premier Retirement Benefits Advisor to individuals with 401K and 403B corporate investment plans. She reported that January might be a huge buying opportunity and advised those who can to reinvest their profits from the preceding period. She extended an invitation to NAPW Los

Angeles Chapter members for an afternoon tea on Saturday, December 1st at a private residence in Marina del Rey of the designer for to discuss the makings of a high-end handbag. If interested, please contact Cat at cat.lambertini(at)ML(dot)com or 310.858.4826.

Bonnie Pakravans company is Ruthie, where she keeps up on daily deals through Groupon, social media sites, etc.

Diane DiMascio, of DiMascio and Bernardo, is an Attorney specializing in corporate and

business law, specifically, intellectual property, copyrights, and trademarks.

Delora Lee Aichholzer is a young mother, taking some time off from her position as a Retail Buyer, formerly at Macys, to be at home with her baby while she evaluates where she would like to be in the business world.

Jamie Jackson and Susan Hardwick are Joint Owners of Belles Voyage, a wardrobe management business. Jamie is also a Grant Writer. On Sunday, December 2nd from 6:00 to 9:00p.m. in Pasadena, Jamie and Susan are hosting a Little Black Dress party. All are invited.

Karen Bernardes is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker and Therapist specializing in young adults.

Mercedes Holley targets the Spanish-speaking audience through Spanish language TV marketing at Univision.

Daphne Germaine is the CEO of G&D Survival Kits, and urges everyone to be prepared to surviv

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