Profit By RPO Launches Its Service with Built-in Candidate Quality Control As Part of Recruitment Process Outsourcing

New Jersey (PRWEB) October 27, 2012

Profit By RPO, the leading provider of data-driven workforce selection, today announced availability of its Recruitment Process Outsourcing (RPO) service for high volume hourly hiring. Profit By RPOs new service delivers full recruitment outsourcing, from sourcing through skills testing and phone or in-person candidate screening. The service is already delivering ready to hire candidates pre-screened through Profit By RPOs hiring intelligence platform to several large employers.

Profit By RPO Solves Classic Problem of Traditional RPO

Profit By RPOs RPO service is unique in that employers see how candidates were scored by Profit By RPOs screening process. Profit By RPOs analytics reporting shows clients how the scores relate directly to better performance against key metrics. Unlike traditional RPO vendors that focus solely on filling empty seats — only to disappoint on employee productivity, Profit By RPO clients know that theyre getting the best suited candidates for the position. With Profit By RPO, quality-of-hire becomes a quantitative metric, just like cost-per-fill and time-to-fill.

Like many maturing Recruitment Process Outsourcing services, Profit By RPOs solution is flexible to meet the requirements of unique in-house recruiting processes. For some clients, the solution includes recruiters on-site and full recruiting management, while other clients rely on Profit By RPO simply for generating quality candidate flow. All clients benefit from Profit By RPOs selection science, powered by a team of I/O psychologists and economists, which delivers substantially more productive candidates when compared with traditional screening methods.

A key area of differentiation for Profit By RPOs RPO is that, with our quality score, clients can hold us accountable for getting them the best possible agents, said Sahil Dhamija, co-founder and CEO of Profit By RPO. With Profit By RPOs analytics, we show them that the scoring is accurate, and that theyre really getting better outcomes. What Profit By RPO delivers is measurably better candidates.

The market for cloud-based talent management software is sky rocketing, evidenced by recent acquisitions of Success Factors, Rypple and Taleo. According to Bersin & Associates, global talent management software revenue has grown 15% annually in recent years, reaching nearly $ 3 billion in 2011. According to NelsonHalls HRO forecast, RPO will have the highest growth of all HR services through the forecast period of 2015.

About Profit By RPO

Profit By RPO is the leader in Data-Driven Workforce Selection, enabling employers to improve productivity, retention, and customer satisfaction. It is the only solution that ties employee productivity data to hiring decisions, and uses this to improve the entire recruiting process. With the insight gained from on the job employee data used to calibrate workforce selection, companies can measurably improve their operations, brands and bottom lines. The solution easily adapts to changing business environments or product direction. When replacing existing screening solutions with Profit By RPO, clients report increased employee productivity of 5-10% while improving retention by 20-30%. Profit By RPO delivers data-driven certainty with a streamlined process that easily integrates with existing workforce management and HRIS solutions. Visit or call +1-888-322-7617.

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