Profit By Search Discusses Googles Continuous Efforts in Promoting Subject-Specific Authorities In Search Results

New York (PRWEB) December 27, 2013

Matt Cutts, Head Search Spam Team Google released a video in May this year addressing all the search engine optimizers from all around the world regarding 10 Google SEO changes in the near future. One of those 10 changes that they are still considering is promoting subject-specific authorities in search results and this was the prime topic of discussion in the premises of Profit By Search.

Googles Matt Cutts said this is something his team is working on right now. In fact, it is not about demoting sites but rather promoting the good guy. Craig Moore transcribed the snippet, which takes place an hour and twenty minutes into the video. Matt said Google is working on promoting the content of authorities on topics, so if an expert writes on a topic on any site, Google will notice that and make sure the content ranks better than non-authorities.

Their team of experts has been working really hard on various things to ensure that the good and genuine stuff is promoted. It is all about the authority of a website where they will be filtering the information from the authorities itself and makes sure only the authority content ranks higher. This will not apply human efforts rather plans suggest that it will be executed using the algorithm. It is like, the New York Times is important and a person with its association automatically becomes important and enjoys authority.

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