Profit By Search Discusses How Google’s ‘Penguin’ 2.1 Update Wreaks Havoc on Rankings

Miami (PRWEB) October 09, 2013

Late last week on Friday, 4th October 2013, Google rolled out new update on its search analysis algorithm and named it Penguin 2.1, an extension to Penguin. The algorithm which is aimed at providing better results to user queries has made it more difficult for people who spam its search results or purposely violate Google publisher guidelines to have a better rank on Google search results.

With release of this update, Google has ignored backlinks of websites completely and has focused on quality of content i.e. its usefulness and originality. Google had warned in past that links should not be the prime focus for ranking, instead webmasters should concentrate on making their website(s) more user friendly and provide better information to users. Due to this update, many of the websites have disappeared from Google search results and are replaced by those websites which were on lower rankings earlier but has better user interface and provide useful information.

Nothing has changed much for website owners if their website(s) have original high-quality content and they have high-quality relevant website links to their website, then rankings of their website will not be effected, said a spokesperson at Profit by Search.

We have observed several websites were affected badly and many low ranking websites are now ranking better after Penguin 2.1 update. Those who acted timely after this update have recovered and are back in rankings but those who didn’t act smartly on time are set to lose their business after this new update, he further added.

The update ensures that ‘white hat’ Search Engine Optimizers are rewarded for their hardwork while webspammers are punished accordingly. If a website has been affected by this recent update and the webmaster is looking for a solution, consult White Hat SEO company in India – Profit By Search to take this update for benefit.

About Profit By Search:

Profit By Search is the search arm of ONS Interactive Solutions Pvt Ltd and is India’s #1 SEO & PPC Company. Profit By Search specializes in ensuring that small & medium businesses gets prominently displayed in search results of leading search engines like Google, Yahoo!, Bing and more, to help small & medium enterprises connect with customers searching for what they offer on their website.

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