Profit By Search Discusses the Use of Disavow Tool Even Without a Manual Action

New York (PRWEB) November 23, 2013

Today, Matt Cutts, Head Search Spam at Google, released a video note in which he discussed the use of a disavow tool even without a manual action request from Google. Heads in Search Engine Optimization starts rolling when Mr. Cutts says anything and when the topic was related to site being getting penalized by Google, it was natural to cause Webmasters looking ways to remove spammy backlinks to their site. Profit By Search discussed the use of such tools in detail so as to avoid any issues in the future.

In the video note, Mr. Cutts pointed out some scenarios in which using a disavow tool will help webmasters in preventing their sites getting penalized by the search engine giant. There were certain points at which using a disavow tool is important such as when the webmaster linking to one’s site is not removing the links, if someone’s site is a victim of negative SEO, ranking of the site has dropped after Google’s update or there are links present on some site with which webmasters don’t want any relation with, etc.

Profit By Search, India’s #1 SEO Company, has been keeping a close eye on any update that is coming from Google over the years and the company has been putting in its best efforts to protect its client’s rankings after every update. This matter was discussed thoroughly by the experienced SEOs at the company.

Abhinav Girdhar, CEO at Profit By Search, said, We have always told our clients to remove unnecessary links of their websites. There are benefits associated with links but only if they are quality links, that is relevant links, otherwise, sooner or later they will attract penalty on the website from Google.

It was a very informative note from Mr. Cutts and we believe that webmasters will remove poor quality links from their sites before they are penalized by Google, he further added.

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