This is a live broadcast of a Project Camelot Roundtable discussion with Anthony Sanchez and Jay Weidner hosted by Kerry Cassidy from Project Camelot. We discuss the evidence for a network of near Earth orbiting satellites that are run by Artificial Intelligence, are nano satellites and have their own defensive capabilities. This discussion details some of the evidence put forward by Anthony Sanchez in a soon to be published book on the subject. Jay Weidner brings with him his vast knowledge and background in the areas surrounding Crypto Terrestrials and the occult. This is a cutting edge dialog between researchers into the conspiracy facts that comprise the Matrix and seeing into the mysteries behind the facade. http Kerry Cassidy Project Camelot
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  1. CRYPTO-TERRESTRIALS! The Chinese DO own the Port of Long Beach for sure – the constant procession of China crap containers that continually arrive will tell you that. My theory about the ‘Mystery Missile’ that was shot into So.Cal. was from a Chinese sub – doubt it not!

  2. I can’t even listen to the whole interview because the clicking and clacking of the nails is so distracting… Come on project Camelot you used to try a little harder. On that note, it’s been so hard to find a good alternative news source where the journalists/interviewers actually have some sort of professionalism and take note of quality, sound and well, the listener!

  3. I REALLY wish they would AT LEAST disable their notification bleeps on skype. I keep thinking someone is bleeping in on my skype, it’s so annoying. ALL that would take is that everyone involved in the call disable their notifications for the duration of that call, and then turn them back on if you need to, but USE YOUR HEAD FOR SOMETHING OTHER THAN A HAT RACK!!! I get the whole “low budget” thing but there IS simple common sense that doesn’t cost any cents. PLEASE it’s so unpleasant!

  4. anyone in the Corteum or ACIO please contact me i am a soul being from alpha draconis i have no sympathy anymore for humanity so u have a allies in me u see i understand i am a soul i also understand i never die so i choose to spank the sheep which always choose to stay asleep this drama does mean shit to me for as you know we are SOULS i woke up to this retarded game long ago I WANT IN

  5. after reading these threads i dont see why you people think its worth saving humanity there all scum look at all the abuse there throw out if i was in control to save humanity i would let the off worlders come in and eat everyone to many smartass motherfuckers on this planet and the rest are just sheep i have come to the conclusion that the new world order is what we really need we need a culling and soon who care anyway we all reincarnate i say we need a reset anyway humanity turned to shit.

  6. geeks and shit,kerry’s running outta contacts,and yes kerry you do know all the stories better than most but sssssshhhhhhhhhhhhh and sort better audio for who we are actually wanting to hear.

  7. Kerry’s interviews are better than anything out there. I wish I had nothing better to do than complain about nasalness. I mean REALLY? I must agree that the one guy’s audio is terrible and it’s a lot of work trying to hear him.

  8. Again, shame so much effort & valuable info has gone to waste becoz of incomprehensible dialog. I don’t know, but is sound quality such an intractable probl;em? OGT

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