Project Fi – Google’s Wireless Service

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  1. Project Fi – Google’s Wireless Service by +Jayce Broda See article here:

  2. Project Fi – Google’s Wireless Service by +Jayce Broda See article here:

  3. I find the price of the google fi data just ridiculously high… Im in the uk and i have an unlimited package with 3 uk where i have unlimited texting, minutes and data all for 23 pounds (35 us dollars) per month with 4g lte… And while in australia i used to get a similar package for around 55 aussie dollars (43 us dollars)…much better deals than project fi offerings… Of course the seamless switching between 2 lte networks and wifi makes this attractive though

  4. Pricing is fine and all but there is no way I’ll leave my unlimited data plan. When project FI has that option then that’s more of an incentive for me to leave.

  5. Not wanting to take any credit away from Google, but Republic Wireless has been using wi-fi and seamlessly handing over calls from wi-fi to cell for quite a while now. And prices are much better.

  6. This already puts Republic Wireless to shame on various fronts. RW admits in it’s newsletter that it is still trying to “perfect” the seamless thing…which easily translates to: “We can’t get it to work fully”, and they’ve had over 4 years to get their act together. International calling in 120 countries, using TWO different cellphone companies at the same time to ensure maximum coverage – all with seamless switching – HUGE. Even RW hasn’t been able to do this in 4 years. Google has name-recognition power and people will flock to the Google name. RW has struggled, according web articles, to get a couple hundred thousand customers. With its global name, those countries that Google has penned agreements, people will be signing up there with Google, not some unknown MVNO that can’t even get out timely updates. Google will quickly ramp this up, with their special SIM, so that BYOD will bring in countless customers to Google Fi

  7. Project Fi is the first wireless service to seamlessly switch between Wi-Fi and LTE, always choosing the connection that’s currently the strongest. Two different LTE networks are supported at the moment, T-Mobile and Sprint. The catch here is that only one phone has been designed to work with the special SIM required for Project Fi, the Google Nexus 6. The good news is that Google hints this is just the first of many devices, and so hopefully it’s only a matter of time before other popular Android devices gain support. While you need a Nexus 6 for the service, those with Project Fi will be able to use their number even when not near their phone, utilizing any device with Google Hangouts installed

  8. Actually Jayce, in my area, DSL WiFi is so much slower than my data on my FreedomPop hotspot and my T-Mboile 4G LTE. It really depends on the area in which you live in or you are just around at that time. Because in some places the Wifi is fast, my freedompop hotspot cant get a signal and my 4G LTE on T-Mobile goes all the way H speeds. lol So it varies. No one place is going to be great and not one consumer will be satisfied. But we all pay for what we get and definitely ask for. That is the truth.

  9. A new wireless service from Google: Project Fi. The first wireless service to seamlessly switch between wi-fi and LTE, depending on which signal is stronger. #google #wireless 

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