Project Overlord Announces Launch of IndieGoGo Campaign for Wheel Anti-Theft Mobile App RimTech

(PRWEB) March 17, 2015

On March 12, 2015, Project Overlord announced that they will be officially launching their crowdfunding IndieGoGo campaign on March 17, 2015 for their new revolutionary vehicle/tire security technology, Wheel Anti-Theft Mobile App, RimTech.

RimTech is a small device inserted on the tire that is registered to an app on your smart phone. After the device is activated, in the situation of attempted theft, the device will alert the owner of movement in the area of their vehicles tires when tampered with. The device will also sound off an alarm deterring the thief from further tampering, therefore preventing the thief from stealing the wheel. In addition, the police are also notified upon movement around the wheel with a two-stage alarm, which will prevent false police calls. RimTech grants both the police and the vehicle owner the ability to track a stolen wheel within a radius of 10ft of its location.

The advancement in technology today, as seen in programs like OnStar and LoJack, have ultimately decreased the number of vehicle thefts. However, thieves understand this and are settling on just stealing tires and rims off of the vehicles instead. Thieves realize that stealing wheels or rims has a generous payout compared to the difficulty it takes.

According to a June 11, 2012 Yahoo! News article, “Tires and wheels offer a near-perfect combination of attributes to thieves. They’re easy to haul, quick to remove, untraceable on online auction or classified sites, and frequently usable on several different vehicles, with a value that can hit $ 3,000 a set.”

Statistics like these are the reason why Project Overlord is working with Nokia developers, designers, and GPS department, to create RimTech. This easy to use app will help keep your vehicle and its wheels safe, while sending those wheel theft statistics into a further decline. Visit the IndieGoGo campaign to learn more about this revolutionary product and help it become a reality.

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