Predicts What Will Catch the Eye of Consumers in 2014

Santa Monica, CA (PRWEB) January 23, 2014

The 2013 holiday season has shown that consumers are adapting methods of making purchases to modern times, as evidenced in studies by the National Retail Federation that show fewer shoppers relying on credit (31.8%) and more doing at least some shopping online (77%). By acquiring a better understanding of how consumers spend, the question becomes what shoppers will decide to buy in 2014.

Advances in mobile technology will be one of the biggest influencers in consumer spending this year, says Savings Expert Regina Novickis. Consumers will want to find better ways to use the products they already have, both in terms of utility and safety. Likewise, products and services that improve quality of life will be popular this year, and not just those that make life simpler. People will want to tackle the physical and mental health issues discussed so much in modern media and that means more than just going to the gym.

The ubiquity of mobile technology will serve as a platform for innovative companies to create products that best address the needs of todays consumer needs that have grown less superficial and more constructive, from dealing with stress-related ailments to becoming a more well-rounded individual. Yet consumers understand that increased usage of mobile devices leaves their personal information more vulnerable and want to be assured of their privacy accordingly. The experts at have addressed these developments in their outline of consumer buying trends for 2014:


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