Prompt launches CSI: a New Social Media Scoring Service to Help Technology Vendors Evaluate Partner Influence

Boston, MA (PRWEB) November 06, 2014

Prompt Communications, a transatlantic digital marketing agency, has launched Channel Social Influence (CSI), a social media measurement and ranking service created to help technology businesses judge the online influence of their partners and partner networks.

Prompt CSI provides technology enterprises with insight into the social media activities, reach and engagement of business and channel partners, broken down into easily understood categories, ranks, tables and charts. It scales from tens to thousands of distributors, resellers, ISVs and retailers. Vendors gain visibility and understanding of the social media status of their partners and third-party companies in the appropriate context of specific projects, market trends and product segments, ranking individual partners.

Hazel Butters, CEO of Prompt said: There are technology vendors spending tens of thousands of dollars on channel marketing programs, and yet when it comes to understanding the social media influence of their partner base, they are flying blind. Our CSI analysis gives vendors the opportunity to understand the social influence and reach of partners and to act accordingly; to harness those partners with the greatest reach and to develop social media marketing programs to assist those that have room to increase their social media activity.

Prompt CSI uses algorithm-based analysis alongside opinion and sentiment analysis to help vendors determine the social influence of individual partners on business-relevant social media channels including LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook and blogs.

Prompt recently completed an analysis for one global technology brand that allowed it to pinpoint and rank the social media activities, reach and engagement of more than 1,500 technology partners across 43 countries.

Large technology businesses with extensive networks of partners derive value from accurately identifying which of their partners are most active and influential on social media. Prompt CSI gives technology vendors the truest possible insight into the activities of those partners by providing a detailed audit of the activities, influence and maturity of each partners social media content based on solid methodologies and proven mathematical analysis, Prompt CSI is able to rank named partners based anywhere across the globe against their social media influence, revealing actionable data for reach, market-specific trends, volume and influence.

For more information, please email social(at)prompt-pr(dot)com

About Prompt Social:

Prompt Social analyzes discussions across Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, YouTube and Google+ to provide business-relevant actions relating to customers, competitors and target audiences. Prompt Social is based on several technologies and processes including a database of 300 billion tweets, computer learning and advanced linguistics, sophisticated hashtag analysis and site-specific tools. It works with sites such as LinkedIn to measure attitudes across billions of social interactions and provide relevant business data to B2B and B2C marketers.

Prompt has three divisions: Prompt PR, Prompt Ed and Prompt Social.

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