and are Proud to Announce New Startup

Los Angeles, CA (PRWEB) April 28, 2013 and started in April 2013, building one of largest online databases for real estate, property and home records. By bringing in several experts from companies such as Zillow and Realty Trac, Property Record Pro will be leading the industry in no time. No matter what a consumer is looking for, if it has anything to do with real estate or property records, will help find it. Whether investing, buying, selling or renting, it is good practice to do your homework and research before making a decision. was created to ensure that you make the best decision by providing accurate, valuable and up-to-date property records.

The overall goal of is to provide the best possible service and reports in the market. Property Record Pro will go above and beyond to ensure customer satisfaction by always putting the consumer first. Typically, a property record report from will include valuable information such as: value, damage, neighbourhood reports, market rates, and much more.

A very famous and wealthy business man once said, “Real estate is at the core of almost every business, and it’s certainly at the core of most people’s wealth. In order to build your wealth and improve your business smarts, you need to know about real estate.” Commonly, the biggest purchase an American will make is the purchase of real estate. is here to ensure you make the best possible decision and have the correct information readily available. strives to provide the best possible customer service at all times. If anyone ever has a question or inquiry about a product or service, please do not hesitate to contact the Property Record Pros!

April 25th was the first day of sales for and has vowed to have over 1 million satisfied customer by the end of 2013!

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