Prosperity’s Kitchen Team 4 SEO/SERP/PPC Brainstorming Session

Cue the theme to Mission Impossible…… Our fifth mission as contestants on Tea Silvestre’s Prosperity’s Kitchen is to research a long tail keyword phrase and incorporate it into a blog post/page title that reinforces the foundational content of your blog. The focus business this week is Tammy Vitale of HELL Yes! (www.tammyvitale.com). Our team? Prosperity’s Kitchen Team 4 – Colleen Conger of Digital Photo and Design, LLC (http Kristin Elliott of Doodie Pack (www.doodiepack.com) and Tammy Vitale of Tammy Vitale’s Wylde Women’s Wisdom (http Better hurry up and watch. The video will self-destruct in five seconds…….

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