Prosthetics… Google it.Yolk’d #116 – Newegg TV

Story Links=== Prosthetics help rescue dog walk again: Valve Flexes its muscle, removes Hatred game …
Video Rating: 4 / 5

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15 Responses to Prosthetics… Google it.Yolk’d #116 – Newegg TV

  1. The Mayor Boxing says:

    So, Paul still works for Newegg or what…

  2. s.a.s. daedalus says:

    the us is overstepping their bounds about the data on this one, that’s like saying because i can see someones tv through there window from my house it means it is my tv and that i should be allowed to do what i want with it…

  3. TruckerGuy135 says:

    I don’t remember the last time I got a blue screen and read it but the one at the beginning has like three misspelled words. Are they all like that, I never pay attention to them

  4. Video Gamer Bro says:

    I love how Paul is wearing a Tek Syndicate hoodie, that’s awesome.

  5. Joe Q says:

    Hey Paaaul? Can I have a Newegv t-shirt signed by everyone in the office? I can pay for shipping. :)

  6. Infidel Gastro says:

    I loved the story about Derby, it was really touching.

  7. arias1234 says:

    it looks like Paul infected Newegg with a tekkening

  8. Yoshi says:

    I think i found the first bit a little bit too funny LMFAO

  9. Erich Porsch says:

    HEY!!!!! do u want a mini portable super computer, I made the one for u if ur willing to pay…. all SSD, built in ac WIFI and Bluetooth 4.0, High speed amd 8gig ram, a R9 270x mini ITX GPU. chews thru any game High-Ultra. very portable. even has a lil handle on top of the case. all specs as listed on the ebay detail page. if u have any questions feel free to ask!! 

  10. Badger says:


  11. Gambit says:

    No Paul, just flip the usb upside down, and enjoy unlimited power!!!!!

  12. GunSinMovies says:

    “Gabe New Well” wut

  13. captainawesomeful says:

    Voltage does not affect what gauge your cable must be

  14. Chef Excellence says:

    “new-well”? “gah-bin”?

  15. Kylerb1001 says:

    dedected folow selecht

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