Protect Your Bubble Provides Top Tips When Buying an iPhone 5

(PRWEB UK) 28 September 2012

The new iPhone 5 has the technological world buzzing, and many have managed to get their hands on one since the launch last Friday. Some are however waiting for their current contract to expire whilst others may be saving up for it.

Specialist iPhone insurer Protect Your Bubble offers some handy tips for those that have already managed to get their hands on one.

Get a case: Do not wait to buy a case. The iPhone screen is very sensitive and damages easily. A sturdy case is the best protection against the inevitable dropping of a phone. Some cases will protect the iPhone even in water. (According to Plaxo 1 in 5 drop a phone in a toilet)

Buy insurance: The iPhone 5 is not by any means a cheap piece of gadget and the replacement cost can truly be felt when the iPhone is lost, stolen or damaged beyond repair. Protect Your Bubble will replace a new phone for loss, damage or theft and protect iPhone owners from that financial risk. Visit for additional information on gadget and mobile phone insurance insurance.

Train the battery: A new battery needs to be trained for maximum life. For the first few days, allow the battery to die stone dead before recharging completely. This trains the battery for maximum life and will be healthier for the battery in the long run.

Free apps: Mapquest, Weather Channel and Google Earth are all free and excellent apps. Of course, a game or two will not hurt for the kids to play while sitting in a waiting room. Get them early, so they are available before necessary.

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