Woodland Hills, CA (PRWEB) July 25, 2012

This month, Mike Sarieddine, a humble bank worker from California, took on some of the biggest names in online innovation and angel funding with his free community driven question and answer application, AnswerMania. His strategy and efforts are inspiring to the average corporate person who dreams of starting their own empire.

It was June 23rd 2011 when Jason Calcanis, one of the worlds most notable online entrepreneurs, the man who rode out the dot com boom, and foresaw the pre-eminence of blogging and reputedly never gives up, for once, had to. Despite investment from Sequoia Capital to the tune of $ 21m, the Answer section at the otherwise popular, as it was, in Calcanis own words not a self-sustaining business interest.

He and his investors were one of many who saw an opportunity in the sector given the dissatisfaction that exists with major market players such as Yahoo Answers and Quora. Such user generated question and answer sites have regularly suffered from a lack of quality control, or havent been sufficiently user friendly to draw in large numbers.

However, Mike believes his innovation can succeed, with a fraction of the resources of the so-called big-players, by allowing the users to build the community they require, meaning problems like these problems can now be a thing of the past:

The AnswerMania application links both business and individual owners through geography, interests and expertise. Unlike industry competitors, following a straightforward registration process, users are free to pose questions across multimedia platforms to parties of their choosing, thus not only building a network of trusted pertinent sources, but potentially strong friends and business contacts within their local area.

Already, social media marketing agencies are recommending AnswerMania as a tool to not only develop new friendships and relationships but to also extend your professional influence.

AnswerMania shares all the best qualities of existing applications, but applies them in a manner that makes them as vibrant and dynamic as the online community itself. At last, web-users have a tool to, whether in your own neighborhood or across the globe, build your own network of influence by proving your own subject matter expertise — or just make friends who care about the same things.

More information on Mike and his exciting new application is available at

AnswerMania can be downloaded from the Apple App Store or the Android Market

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