Provocative Artist BO BENTON Kicks Off 4th Quarter Radio Promotional Tour as a Guest Host on L.A. Live with the Cousin and Biggs, an Upcoming Louisianas Club 7 Radio Interview, and Many More to Come!

Hollywood, CA (PRWEB) October 10, 2012

As the fourth quarter of the music industry goes into high gear, so too does the Indy Pop power house Bo Benton . Weeks after signing a lucrative licensing deal with the NFL Network Television Corporation for her recently released dance hit “Intimidated” that gained over 1 Million YouTube views in under three weeks in July, the Indy Pop Princess speaks candidly on air about her journey and life in music, and what it has taken to make it in such a competitive arena. “I have made several major sacrifices for my music, and so I am very happy to have my record apart of the enthusiasm of the NFL Network. Adding to the excitement of such a great organization is an honor.” says Bo. Her Co-Publishers Downtown Music based in New York City, and DPE Music Group based in Washington D.C., say they look to Bo for a cutting edge sound that people can’t get enough of and is easily placed with giant corporations such as the NFL. “Skies the limit for Bo and her music.” says Danny Staggs, the Grammy Award winning producer and president of the GoodLife/DPE Music Group.

Sung in a provocative, robotic tone,Bo’s vocals are deep, penetrating, and her words arrive in dreamlike piecemeal imagery coated with touches of spacey reverb and echo over a beat that can cause the most die-hard wall flower to dance. Her slick and sharply produced track, “INTIMIDATED” is the quintessential bad girl in control anthem that has taste makers taking notice, radio executives abuzz, her fan’s wanting more new dance tracks, and according to Bo, is just the tip of the iceberg.

Since her 2008 debut album release Queen of The Night , Bo, a former model, has been dividing her time between tour dates and studio sessions to work on her sophomore album release The Underground Collection due for release this September. “The music in my head never sleeps, it’s like there is a constant club going on in my brain,” cracks the Chicago born Pop Troubadour Bo Benton.

Bo talks a bit like she sings: a stream of outbursts colored with wry observations, humorous contradictions and periodic tangential turns.

Since her debut release, Bo has been piling the coal in the back of her freak train, quietly building momentum and honing her hybrid style twist on the Dance/Pop Music genre. “My new album is one I’ve envisioned for years, I really love how it’s all coming together. My goal is to create a non-stop party train from the moment you press play.”

Bo grew up on the South Side of Chicago in the inner city along side a family of musicians. “All my family is into music,” she says, “but I had the bug hardcore. I knew music was my calling.”

Bo started writing songs and poetry at the age of 13 and never looked back. By the age of nineteen she was the lead female singer of a cover band with her first gig touring in Japan.

A musical sponge, Bo keeps busy between writing, producing, and performing by reading up on music staples like Billboard and Rolling Stone Magazine and keeping her radio locked on KISS FM where she looks forward to hearing her latest single Intimidated blast from her speakers.

As for the new album, Bo has been going to New York and D.C. to record with veteran producer Danny Staggs. “He was just what I needed,” says Bo of her working with Staggs. “He keeps things moving. I’ve recorded with producers who are definitely on their A-game, but to work with a musical vet that’s been around the block and back producing world wide dance hit’s like Inner City’s Good Life, a song that tons of artists have sampled and interpolated from, I know we will create a great and lasting musical sound.”

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