PS4’s First Games! Adam Sessler’s Impressions of Killzone: Shadow Fall, Watch_Dogs, Infamous & more!

So you’ve already seen Adam Sessler talk about the Playstation 4’s specs, but what about the games? Hear what Adam thinks of all the games Sony showed off, along with some brand new gameplay. Watch MORE of our Playstation 4 coverage: Subscribe for more: Subscribe on iTunes: Follow Adam on Twitter: Follow Rev3Games on Twitter: Like Rev3Games on Facebook: Add Rev3Games on Google Plus
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17 thoughts on “PS4’s First Games! Adam Sessler’s Impressions of Killzone: Shadow Fall, Watch_Dogs, Infamous & more!

  1. I’m prepared to have multiple nerdgasms once incredible open-world franchises like Fallout, The Elder Scrolls and GTA are released for a console with that amount of GDDR5 ram and smart architecture. It’s going to be AMAZING…

  2. And this is part of the problem I have with PC gamers and their opinions on consoles. They see specs in relation to PC and nothing else. To say only the ram looks promising is fine say but this isn’t a PC. It’s performance is superior to the PS3(that’s the goal) and the price is unknown.

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  4. While the architecture is closer to a PC than that of the PS3, the PS4 will still continue to have less games – as it’s doing catch-up and will be much hated, for splintering the gaming-community. Cross-platform multiplayer is a dream but only one, when the PS4 devs, get their act together.

  5. And it’s nothing about professionalism, Joe did what he normally does and I appreciate his style. It’s most of the time, honest opinions and from every video I’ve seen – talking about the PS4 and new consoles in general, his is not so bad. He should be able to do whatever he wants and cater for all the audiences. He makes the effort to play/like console games even though a PC gamer at heart. It makes sense you don’t exclude some of your audience & Joe will continue to do his much-loved videos.

  6. TBH, some prefer some devices over others & having said that, like to talk about said other devices more. Joe isn’t a console gamer but does do console reviews/content – you can tell he doesn’t particularly like it – it’s uncharted (excuse the pun) territory & now with the PS4, its infastructure is vastly different to a PC’s while the new Xbox remains similar. P.S. Nothing looks promising in the PS4 other than 8 GB of ram, which is still far behind the PC & the price will be expensive as f***.

  7. They are not showing a game though, they are not even targeting gamers per-say, they are targeting amateur game developers. They showed a game development tool that allows you to create high quality looking games without having to learn about pixels or polygons. What they showed is wildly impressive and makes the PS4’s possibilities endless. To create a game now all you need is a PS4, a Playstation Move, and dedication. It is a HUGE step up on their creative LBP tools which were already the best

  8. ALL demos and cutscenes were in REAL-TIME and running on engine, none were pre-rendered or CG, including the Square Enix Luminous engine. They were showcasing their engine on the PS4, that means that their games can ALREADY look like that on the PS4 since they already have the tech. What upset me about them is simply that we had already seen that demo and that they went on to announce a FF title but didn’t say what it was.

  9. He is a great reviewer.I was talking about his perception on on the PS4. To not see anything good about it is pretty clear sign that he isn’t a console gamer and should leave it to the professionals.

  10. Supposedly “Witness” is only going to come to the PS4 exclusive because, said by the creative director, the “new Xbox” isn’t going to be strictly about games.

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