PSC Launches its Business SEO (Search Engine Optimization) Tool PSC LocalSEO

PORT WASHINGTON, NY (PRWEB) October 10, 2014

PSC announced today that it launched PSC LocalSEO, its merchant SEO (Search Engine Optimization) tool. This new product will add to the portfolio of products and services that PSC currently provides its members in addition to their merchant cash advance software. PSC LocalSEO will be available to PSCs members merchants.

The variety of options for small merchants to market their goods and services can be overwhelming and expensive. As a result, small merchants can often make costly mistakes deciding which online tactics are best. The PSC Local SEO tool takes all the guesswork out and provides online tactics that provides results and are affordable. PSC Locals custom API (application programming interface) listing tool automatically updates and resubmits the merchants online profile with over 300 data providers. The tool ensures that all NAP (name, address, phone number) associated with a merchants listings are up to date and verified so that search engines recognize it as the most relevant result for the merchants local listings.

Launching PSC LocalSEO is an exciting addition to the products and services we currently offer our members PSCs Senior Sales Executive Alan Brani stated. Using this affordable and powerful SEO tool helps our members merchants by giving them the ability to market their business at a fraction of what an SEO would cost. It will ensure them an online presence and assist them in optimization which in turn helps their business growth. The addition of this program to the PSC technology platform is yet another unique feature offered to PSCs members and helps to differentiate PSC from its competitors.

About PSC (corporate name International Professional Services): PSC is a full service solutions provider that specializes in the Merchant Services Industry. The Company also provides the support staff and Merchant Cash Advance Software to facilitate direct funding from start to finish. Our staff of seasoned professionals are well-versed and knowledgeable in various industries, which gives our members a competitive advantage. The Company’s information is available on its website:

For customers interested in learning more about PSCs PSC LocalSEO product contact:

For customers interested in learning more about PSC products and services contact: salessupport(at)pscny(dot)us

Disclaimer: All content in this release is for informational purposes only. Prior to any dissemination of press releases on behalf of the Company, the content is reviewed and approved by International Professional Services management team.

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