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21 Responses to PSY – GENTLEMAN M/V

  1. Betty Petrikov says:

    He really is a gentleman XD

  2. hadir45able says:

    Mother Father Gentlemen :)

  3. ApocolypseZombie says:

    In Korean, “mother father” sounds extremely close to “mother fucker.” It’s basically a way of saying “mother fucker” without actually saying “mother fucker” He’s saying “mother father,” but it’s meant to get the language across without being entirely un-PC. TL;DR Don’t expect to understand the subtleties of a Korean song if you’re not Korean

  4. Baraka Michee says:

    gentlement is a good song

  5. Sebastian Prieto says:

    I think that once again PSY has made an awesome masterpiece,

  6. ANDRES MUÑOZ says:

    Jeiyu ari he guilaguiala

  7. S3oOoDxXxAAGK says:

    This music just •_•) ( •_•)>⌐■-■ (⌐■_■) Blew me away!

  8. Nikki Ross says:


  9. ana valdez says:

    like this shit plz

  10. ANDRES MUÑOZ says:


  11. KawazLucky says:

    Dat Gentleman ! Hey yellow man !

  12. behindonlinehelp says:

    If you could subscribe to my channel, it would make my day <3

  13. taxlawyerman says:

    Cool Psy ! I liked but take care man, You look like a bit Kim Jong Un and he said here could do it better. HEHEHE.

  14. MetalliaSuomi says:

    Dafuq… None of you would even know what this means xD

  15. LAUTIMONZON6635 says:

    El coreano juega al candy crush

  16. asianninjaturtle says:

    psy is my hero!!!

  17. Daniela Torres says:

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  18. Sanjana Bhattacharya says:

    I love it, not as goog as gangnam styke tho

  19. Devin15Allen says:

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  20. angelinamoceri519 says:

    Wow psy you ARE a mother fucker gentleman LOL

  21. rogues1hit says:

    Get it to a Billion views just cause its psy

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