“PSYCH/NOT” by The Submersibles (Cadalack Ron & Serp…)

SERPDOT @CADALACKRON video by @MUTTJOB “a “sad meal” is when ur alone in ur car in a mcdonalds parking lot at 4am eating a happy meal wishing you were never…

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11 Responses to “PSYCH/NOT” by The Submersibles (Cadalack Ron & Serp…)

  1. Bill Morris says:

    This needs a million more views

  2. Enigma Towles says:

    HEY EVERYONE!!! Could you check out my new freestyle over New Slaves and the Freaks and Geeks Instrumentals on my YouTube channel? All you have to do is type in “Enigma Towles” in the search bar of YouTube and you will find me. Thank You much!!!

  3. adam collins says:

    i really identify with you soooo much…

  4. Michael Garner says:

    tranquil tears falling

  5. Blam Lord says:

    so tight

  6. CKstacks says:

    Yo Serp and Caddy, dope song. i can’t stop bumpin it…

  7. DJPhree330 says:

    Super real shit… Almost a lil too real for most to understand.

  8. Om Gosh says:

    Machina is dope

  9. Elephant Graveyard says:

    Dope vid & Trackk! Big ups to caddy & serp.. #EGY

  10. Joel Hildred says:

    This is super depressing. Maybe the best anti drug ad ever

  11. Jay Pesci says:

    Rap game older dirt nasty & riff raff

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