Pubget Launches “Influential Paper Challenge”

Pubget Launches “Influential Paper Challenge”
The contest, which will run until June 25, 2013, encourages members of the research community to use Pubget's search engine to select the research paper they believe to be most influential. The one entrant who selects the most influential … If more …
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The Engadget Interview: Mozilla Firefox VP Johnathan Nightingale
Our conversation with Google is that we like offering their search engine because it makes sense, but it's something we reevaluate regularly, and that we reevaluate globally. People sometimes think that Google calls the shots because they're our …
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Report: NSA formally asks DOJ to open criminal investigation into leaks
The National Security Agency has formally requested that the Department of Justice open a criminal investigation into the agency's leaks, Reuters reported Saturday evening. Shawn Turner, a spokesman for the Office of the Director of National …
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