Public Relations : Careers in Public Relations

Careers in public relations include jobs helping companies get free publicity, positions that work with advertising and jobs in specialty firms. Get a degree…

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  1. @TheFern91 Public relations is presenting an image of your company. Advertising* is presenting an image of your product. *note both company and product can be presented through advertising.

  2. ….and I teach PR at two universities, have four PR books published and a number of academic papers. Beside that, I have had PR careers in politics, corporate affairs and consultancy (which included marcom support).

  3. Hmmm a career in manipulation of the masses, yes this idea feels goooood! Already the masses are half asleep, so easy to milk like over fed cows. WAKE UP PEOPLE!! How about going back to school and doing a degree in “what would I do if there were no more deliveries of oil, or groceries”.

  4. An informational video for people looking to build their career in public relations. In today’s time, public relations is one career that is interesting and at the same time lets you explore your inner creativity.

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