Public Relations – lesbian comedy clip – Peccadillo – Here Come The Girls 3

Sara and Genevieve live on opposite sides of the USA and share countless phonecalls to keep tabs on their workaholic bosses. When Sara and her boss move to t…
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18 Responses to Public Relations – lesbian comedy clip – Peccadillo – Here Come The Girls 3

  1. EllaBlueberry says:

    and all the other people who don’t live in the USA or UK?

  2. LifeIsLoud101 says:

    this is so mean! i want to see more!! :)

  3. D.E C.J says:

    a live in mexico….

  4. D.E C.J says:

    <3 masivamente!!!!

  5. HelloKittyPerv says:

    Her und

  6. Brysey19 says:

    why does it say i like this on facebook? iv never seen this before in my life

  7. Vane Mariposa says:

    what are the names of the songs from lost stranger? 

  8. laurenlvsbones says:

    I watched it on project free tv in full. :) you can just google it :)

  9. KeepDante2 says:

    Ordered it today. Thanks.

  10. peccadillopictures says:

    Hey you can buy it in the US from Amazon – the DVD Fest Selects Best Lesbian Shorts Volume 1 or online at thefilmcollaborative. In the UK it is on as Here Come The Girls 3 or online at peccadillopod. That should help. Viewing it that way, the director will see a return on making this lovely film.

  11. KeepDante2 says:

    I’m confused. YouTube pulled the person who put this video out there. I go to your website and can’t find it in full. I’m not questioning that people should get paid for what they create; at the same time, I would not have known about it at all if that person hadn’t posted it. So, how do I ‘buy’ it?

  12. Natalie Dormer says:

    i wanna this boxers. where find it?

  13. Sano Ookami says:

    XD ack! /// kawaii, geez

  14. TheSuperjunebug says:

    I found this really good… I wish there were more short films or movies like this… Great acting, excellent sense of humor and a good storyline.. Well done!

  15. Kayli Jefferson says:

    So Genevieve is so beautiful, she should play in more films. I really would like to see this film.

  16. sajiko69 says:

    Genevieve is hotter with her pony tail

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