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Public Relations Public relations is the art or science of managing the reputation of companies, organizations, individuals and groups of people. It is the proactive management of relationships with various relevant ‘publics’. Every business – from solo entrepreneur to international corporation – relies on its reputation for its continued survival, for the ongoing patronage of its customers and to win new customers away from its competitors. Hence every business really needs to manage its public relations. Some people might think that the proactive management of public relations is relatively recent; perhaps related to the emergence of TV, radio and newspapers. But it is well documented that Julius Caesar used concerted public relations campaigns throughout his career to maximize both his reputation and chances of becoming the next Roman Emperor. These public relations campaigns, he believed, were a very significant element in finally becoming the Roman Empire’s leader. In truth public relations has been practiced for as long as one person or group has desired to influence the perception that other people or groups hold of them. Public relations became easier to orchestrate over wide audiences with the emergence first of newspapers, then radio and television. The job of the public relations officer became largely one of finding ways to persuade or convince journalists, editors and programme producers to feature news, stories, features and interviews
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  1. PR is truly a hot acronym…could stand for Public Relations, Press Release, Page Rank…everything stands for business marketing be it online or offline. This video completely makes sense for me 🙂 Thank you!

  2. “PR is broken”. Well, your fucking website is. I just watched your video that says “just fill in the questions below and I’ll see you in 40 seconds” and guess what? There are no questions there. FANTASTIC. WELL DONE. CONGRATS. YOU’RE SHIT.

  3. Wonderful and Useful video about Public Relations. It very significant for individual character because it create strong image on the public. So very nice Video. Thanks for sharing it.

  4. A really great informative video. With all the social media it’s easy to forget that sometimes (oftentimes?) a PR professional is really what is need. Thanks for sharing your knowledge.

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