Public Relations (Short Film )

Public Relations (Short Film )

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23 Responses to Public Relations (Short Film )

  1. NotIntoLabelss says:

    Genevieve is hot, a lot! And the kids are hysterical! I loved this

  2. jannifer penston says:

    people should make movie like these

  3. indigopride39 says:

    I like how it all wasn’t a big deal. great short film

  4. Cassie Cat says:

    Genevieve mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm

  5. VivieSD says:

    – do you want me to kill people? – we we’ll get you insurance… LOL

  6. Ramble Schapalon says:

    OMG! That girl host from Repeat After Me! :O

  7. zeeia singson says:

    Definitely perfect! really awesome! love love this short nice

  8. nadia fahim says:

    wow .. Sara looks cute and Genevieve is hot. And they look cute together. Their bosses are horrible. The thing is, this is an awesome short film.

  9. ana carolina says:

    qual nome desse filme 

  10. Alishia Rountree says:

    awesome short film

  11. SuuzieQ says:

    Summer Bishil was amazing in Towelhead, funny to see her in a lesbian role ;p Oh and Candice reminds me of Veronica Bloom of TLW, same as for Genevieve who looks a bit like Shane..

  12. Lea follase says:

    I love this movie is si funy omg 

  13. Philly James says:

    This was really funny and so sweet ^-^ Loved it

  14. Zhenya LaMotte says:

    This was fucking perfect. The end. 

  15. potatooo looove says:

    love this! 

  16. Jess Del Rosario says:

    I like This 

  17. HermesBlRD says:

    Gen is Super hot, awesome short btw it felt like I was watching a clip from a full length feature film!

  18. trachet rachet says:

    This was so fucking adorable omg 

  19. smokinsimon says:

    I both worked on this and have a cameo. It was a great crew to work with.

  20. nufar azul says:

    hay alguna posibilidad de subtitulos en español gracias

  21. Dr. Lavkush Prajapati says:

    Goods like

  22. James Wright says:

    I love this :)

  23. casperbabygirl says:

    So sweet… loved it!

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