Public Relations ~ SMASH ~ Katharine Mcphee

Public Relations ~ SMASH ~ Katharine Mcphee

Karen & Tom perform this new Bombshell number in the fifth episode of Season 2 of Smash. I do not own any rights, just a fan video. Christian Borle.
Video Rating: 4 / 5

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4 Responses to Public Relations ~ SMASH ~ Katharine Mcphee

  1. cupcake132465 says:

    Christian Borle (Tom) is amazing. Kills his part, and always pleases us. Great job.

  2. HagenIsNotAKitty says:

    I’ve never thought Katharine made a very convincing Marilyn (and I still don’t think that in real life, her character would have EVER gotten the part), but she nailed this song. The voice was great, and she didn’t overdo it and go all “pop-voice” like she usually does. The mannerisms and hand gestures could use a little work, and her mumblewhispertalking needs to stop, but if she works on those things she’d make a terrific Marilyn.

  3. charlie southerton says:

    love this song already

  4. Nmore54 says:

    Kat mimics Marilyn so well!!!!!!!

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