Public Relations

The truth behind one of Hollywood’s biggest trade secrets!
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  1. BeckAdventures says:

    I completely knew Dimitri was going to be gay once they said the goodbyes xD. Not that its a bad thing.

  2. frankfurness says:

    this is great, good tips that I can use right now

  3. drbree82 says:

    I’d hate to see something like that happen if I was to publicise myself kristinaustin. com

  4. onlinePRful says:

    wow this is way good.

  5. Tally Koren says:

    Great video, thanks for the upload.

  6. Nongamblerpokerfan says:

    Agreed… agreed. 😛

  7. publicrelationwiner says:

    nice video 

  8. MrNovemberSnuggly says:


  9. W4L3 says:

    It reminds me TOO much of what Pettyfer/Agron did XD

  10. theguester says:

    kabbalah for dummies:D

  11. Nicholas Tang says:

    Guy and guy… LOL

  12. da041090 says:

    hilarious :)

  13. ToFierce2handle says:


  14. glowballtraveller says:

    Comments against the PR folks may have some merit, but, why, , do you watch these shows. Why do you buy the celeb. rags. Talent managers are smart, they know there are people who have saw dust for brains (is this you?) who watch it. Stop buying the cheezy magazines and stop watching shows produced strickly to create material about celebrities like entertainment tonight, E-talk etc. they are simply 30 minute commercials to get you tangled into celebrities lives so they can sell you more. STOP!

  15. mickeymoo26 says:


  16. darthspeaks says:

    Public Relations: They don’t pay YOU so why BUY it?

  17. GenesisBM2009 says:

    The interesting thing about Public Relations is that its application is not only limited to companies or organizations but today Public Relations is also used by hollywood celebrities to make their own respective careers.

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