Publicity During the Holiday Season: How to Use PR to Increase Holiday Sales

New York, NY (PRWEB) October 04, 2013

The public relations firm, MaciasPR, has just published a holiday guidebook for businesses trying to increase their holiday sales, titled: Publicity During the Holiday Season: How to Use PR to Increase Holiday Sales.

The PR guidebook written by media insider, Mark Macias, reveals tactics he learned during his career as a journalist, writer, producer and Executive Producer with the news organizations NBC, CBS, KTVK, King World Productions and the Arizona Republic.

Consumers can download the PR guidebook for free at

Macias gives business owners and retailers an insider view on the media and reveals what small and medium enterprises can do to get coverage during the highly lucrative holiday shopping season.

The guidebook, Publicity during the Holiday Season, identifies 5-tactics business owners should apply when trying to get the media to cover their business. They include:

Tactic One: Identify your Story Narrative A good story idea will drive coverage in any market. Many business owners have a misconception that who you know is better than what you know. This section of the guidebook explains why a creative idea is more valuable than a reporter contact in the world of journalism and PR. The guidebook also gives business owners tips on how to identify a timely narrative for the holiday season.

Tactic Two: Pitch the Ignored Reporters Every newsroom has reporters or writers who never get the plush assignments. These may be journalists working weekends or the overnight shifts. In many situations, these are the best reporters to pitch since they have the most to gain from your good idea. This section of the guidebook explains how to come up with unconventional pitches for these reporters.

Tactic Three: Identify your Holiday Gimmick – If you want to stand out at a holiday party, revelers need something to push you above the crowd. Its no different with the media during the busy holiday season. This section of the guidebook teaches entrepreneurs and business owners how to identify a gimmick for coverage.

Tactic Four: Establish Credibility with the Media This section of the guidebook explains how business owners can position themselves as experts in their industry, leading to potential publicity. But before a business owner tries to position himself as an expert, he or she must first establish credibility in the community. This section reveals how business owners can establish credibility.

Tactic Five: Preparing for the Media Interview If the first four tactics are executed properly, the chances are higher that a reporter will be interested in your holiday story. But now what? Is your business prepared for the media coverage? This section of the guidebook explains how to prepare for the reporter interview.

Business owners can download the free guidebook, Publicity During the Holiday Season: How to Use PR to Increase Holiday Sales, at


Mark Macias is a former Executive Producer with WNBC, Senior Producer with WCBS and author of the book, Beat the Press: Your Guide to Managing the Media ( As as media strategist, his company, MaciasPR, has secured media placements for clients with some of the most influential news organizations in the US. Macias was also Executive Producer for a national business TV program that was syndicated by NBC. You can read more on his company at

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